Dress my phone

chanel bildschirmschonen [Konvertiert]

Paris: Customizing your smartphone from the outside with a cover is nothing new, but how about some beauty from the inside?
IRMA was inspired by the latest haute couture shows in Paris and picked Chanel as her favorite look.
Now you can save the above illustration and use it as a background for your smartphone and in case you want a matching outfit for outside you can always order IRMA’s smartphone cases by caseable.com.
Follow me to the next fashion shows to New York, London, Milan and Paris and keep on changing your screens with IRMA wearing the latest looks from the prêt-à-porter shows.

How to get your new IRMA background image
If you are using your computer, just drag and drop this image to your desktop and send it to your phone.
If you are on your smart phone, click with your finger on the image. A notice will pop up and ask you if you want to save the image. Just click on it and enjoy your new IRMA background image!