Open your eyes

At the beginning of the year, your eyes can feel puffy and possibly tired. The skin around the eyes can show signs of fatigue from heated rooms, too much champagne or simply from cold temperatures.
We selected three products that not only promise anti-aging care and protection but have more to offer to take care of the area around the eye.

Besides follow IRMAS tips to protect and take care of your eyes:

  1. Wear sunglasses, even in winter. They shield your skin against cold winds and air and protect your eye from harsh light reflection in snow and ice and also cover the eye retina.
  2. Open the window to let fresh air inside a heated room. Have a vaporizer with thermal water on your desk, next to the computer and use hyaluronan eye drops when spending lots of time in front of the computer.
  3. Take Omega 3 Oil, of good quality to take care of your eyes from inside. Once a day take a supplement or a pure high quality fish oil.
  4. Take an ice bath in the morning to refresh your eyes. It works miracles against puffy eyes, moisturize the eyes and wash them free from excess mucus, that might come over night.
  5. Make sure to take off your eye make-up with either a very rich demaquillage cream or simple, organic coconut butter. The richer the better as it takes off also dirt, toxins and heals the skin around the eye at the same time.




The ORVEDA EYE UNVEILER 442 eye care takes not only care of the delicate skin around your eyes, but also your lashes and eye bows. That makes sense as this botanical rich prebiotic eye cream helps to heal the skin around your eyes, by nourishing it and helping the skin to rebuild the skins superficial barrier.
Use the minor tools that come with the cream, a pin-point applicator along with a silicone pad to stretch the lid`s skin and brown area. The cream is not shiny and let your lashes and brows look healthy and well groomed.

bag by Miu Miu


SUPREMYA EYES AT NIGHT from Sisley is a special eye care serum that works effectively during the night, during the key period of cellular regeneration. The active ingredients like Acai, yeast extract and caffeine, work against dark circles and puffiness in the morning. The cream even promises to fight eye slackening or sagging of the eye lid. Acai extract has an antioxidant effect and lightens dark circles. Tap into the skin around the eyes and brows before lying down.

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This eye serum has a rich, almost oily texture without being shiny. The special glass applicator, that is naturally cold feels smoothing, when applying a few drops directly around the area of your eyes. With a light fingertip massage this serum has a smart high – tech functional mix of ingredients that smoothen and firm skin, provide moisture, reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush for this purpose before applying the serum. Like this you stimulate the skin and the pores are opening.

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