Olive oil for body, mind & soul

Dr. Kavvadia’s virgin olive oil for body, soul and mind.

It’s the time of the year when we start to think more about our health.
Our editor–at-large Zoe Warncke came across an authentic oil manufacture, found by the Greek orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kavvadia, who lived on the island of Corfu many years ago. Now his son, an industrial designer in Paris returned to the farm and not only fulfils his greatest passion, producing olive oil, but also added a farmhouse where you can stay and spend a holiday.
He has the vision, that when olive oil is produced properly, it acquires the healing properties of medicine. While staying at his farm you can benefit from the daily farm life, nature and deliciousness that are provided by harvesting fresh vegetables, cooking from garden to table and of course producing the olive oil.
Maybe a perfect and simple way to boost your health and to rethink your nutrition while taking your deserved break.

ZOE WARNCKE: What makes your olive oil special?
DR. KAVVADIA: Our olive oil is made by us, from our trees that most of them are at least 300 years old. It is organic, farmed with total respect to the environment. Our farming is based on the tree’s well-being, we want happy trees.
Our olive oil is very rich in antioxidant polyphenols. Polyphenols are beneficial to our health in many ways. They protect the heart and the brain. Our olive oil is made of 2 very rare local varieties, it is unique in the world. And it tastes great, it has won many international quality competitions. Chefs and tasters love it!

ZOE WARNCKE: How did you become an olive oil farmer?
DR. KAVVADIA: I used to work as an industrial designer in Paris. When my partner got pregnant to our first child, we wanted to raise our kids in Greece, to have the same experiences and memories as us, so we chose to return to Greece. We both come from Athens originally, but we loved Corfu where life is simple, and nature is amazing. In Greece it is almost impossible to be a product designer, especially in Corfu, so I had to find something new to do… Since there were so many olive trees around, making olive oil and staring a small company seemed like a good idea! So after many hours of reading, seminars, and practice Dr. Kavvadia was born.

ZOE WARNCKE: What is your most treasured possession and why?
DR. KAVVADIA: My Farm is my most precious possession. It is my sanctuary, my work, and my income. I raise my family here; I have fun with friends, and I also make some money. And of course, it is filled with positive energy from my childhood memories of my grandparents and my family.

ZOE STEFANIE WARNCKE: What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?
DR. KAVVADIA: Going to Greek school!

ZOE WARNCKE: What can I expect if I decide to come for a „farm-stay“ at your farm?
DR. KAVVADIA: First of all you will be surrounded by a beautiful olive grove and nature. You will stay in a 150-year-old cottage, renovated in a way that the past meets the future. Most objects have a history, such as the Piemonte buffet or the Enzo Mari furniture from his Autoprogettazione series. You will have total privacy to roam around in the garden, relax on our Westport chairs under ancient olive trees, or if you feel bored of doing nothing you can help around on the seasonal activities of the farm. In October you can harvest olives and make your own super extra virgin olive oil! You can directly collect organic vegetables from our garden, forage herbs from the farm and cook. Or we can provide a chef to prepare a farm-to-table dinner for you.
Everything is seasonal, so you can enjoy what every season offers. You can make wine and olive oil tasting sessions to discover the Ionian wine culture and the benefits of bitter and pungent olive oil. You can also have cooking courses and inspiring dinners inside the olive grove. You can listen to the cuckoos all night long or fall asleep by singing cicadas at daytime. You can paint, read, write and be yourself.

ZOE WARNCKE: What does your farm teach you?
DR. KAVVADIA: The most important teaching of the farm is that life goes on. No matter what happens on our society, disasters, wars, love and hate, the farm keeps on going. The insects will pollinate the flowers every single day, the birds will sing, and the rain will fall. Nothing that we do can change the rhythm of the farm.

ZOE WARNCKE: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
DR. KAVVADIA: To be able to live a life of total excess without the physical cost! Rock n roll.

All pictures courtesy © Dr Kavvadias. Photos by Markos Kyprianos