NYFW. Back out there

New York Fashion week brings street style back again and we asked Nigerian photographer Josiah Esowe from @apehouse capturing the best from New York streetstyle.


IRMA: How is the atmosphere in New York right now?
JOSIAH ESOWE: To me, NYC currently feels like it’s trying to come back, like a person trying to find themself after an unexpected and shocking breakup.

IRMA: In which way is your work influenced by last year, if so?
JOSIAH ESOWE: This year, I have been focused more on photographing everyday people, living their everyday lives. I don’t shoot as much portraits as I did in 2019, one because of social distancing, and two, because it’s not easy to see people’s faces

IRMA: What are people wearing on the street right now in NYC?
JOSIAH ESOWE: This summer the latest trend is western cowboy boots. It’s what you see in NYC, in different varieties.

IRMA: How do people react when you take pictures of them now, is there a difference than before?
JOSIAH ESOWE: The few times I have been out shooting portraits on the streets, the reactions have been sort of the same, except for the slight confusion on what to do with the mask. People ask if they should leave it on or take it off. Ultimately, I read the surrounding and make my suggestions based on that.

IRMA: What project are your recently working on?
JOSIAH ESOWE: I have a street photography book out now called Nigerian Boogie, it’s about street life in some cities in Nigeria I visited when I was there last year to deal with some family things

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