My perfect spot


No doubt, there is nothing better than a quiet place in the sun, preferably along the seaside with a warm breeze around you and a delicious ice cream at hand. Oh, I can’t wait for this moment to come as soon as it is getting spring, very soon. To my mind comes immediately time for myself, that moment when you just leave everything behind and just sneak into your little world to indulge with something you love.

IRMA loves to take a little break with her favorite Magnum ice cream. So which one will it be? Double Peanut Butter, Magnum Double Caramel or the Magnum Mini Double Chocolate & Caramel which is perfect for sharing with your friends who come along.

Magnum has a fun little test, Release the Beast, and guess what, IRMA came out as a leopard. Which beast are you?

Of course you can indulge just anywhere, not only at a sunny beach or at a gas station after refuelling your car. IRMA selected her five preferred places where you will find her this spring enjoying herself in the sun.

MUNICH: The long sandstone wall along the Residenz on Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich which is perfect also for watching the people walking by is one of these places. Enjoy the monumental architecture of the Residenz and feel the first warmth in your back as the stones soak up the sun like a sponge.

LONDON: The Queen Margret Rose Garden in Regent’s Park where you are surrounded by thousands of beautiful roses, each named after an English beauty. The sun hits the garden perfectly around 1.30 p.m.

PARIS: The backside of the Palais de Tokyo at Avenue de New York has not only a stunning view but the white marble of this beautiful museum of modern art makes a perfect sun reflector for the first rays of sun in spring.

NEW YORK: The Fountain Square on Central Park South between the Apple store and the Plaza Hotel makes the perfect place to get the most of New York by just sitting on one of the benches across the fountain with the nicest shopping windows in the world by Bergdorf Goodman just in front of you. Enjoy ice cream while making your choice of the perfect dress of the season.

BERLIN: The Tiergarten has many hidden secret places where you will find a bench in the sun with a bronze statue right next to it, surrounded by old trees and plants across a little brook or tiny lake. No other place in the city symbolizes better the romanticism Germany has once been known for.


Magnum Double Caramel, Double Peanut Butter and Magnum Mini Double Chocolate & Caramel
Magnum Double Caramel, Magnum Mini Double Chocolate & Caramel (IRMA’s serving suggestion on a colorful platter) and Magnum Double Peanut Butter

This post was made possible with the kind support of Magnum.