Frohstern, Ladies and Gentlemen!


Tulus Lotrek markedly loves working with eggs – even during off-season when they are not being hidden in the garden by rabbits. But these days while eggs are booming everywhere, we will certainly not be boycotting them but we will put them happily on the plate. For example, you will find a screaming yellow sous-vide-boiled egg yolk (homogeneously a softie, not firm on the outside and liquid inside) in our signature-dish-like “Spiegelei Royal”, where it joins a scallop, embedded in celery crème and apricot tartar, crowned by a hint of bottarga (instead of salt and with an additional wink towards the sea).

The egg is very close to life – even though some find it morbid if you think about it – and always charged with fertility symbols. And indisputable it is pleasing to the eye when it shines with its lush yellow yolk out of a white bed. (Sunny-side-up, friends!)
 Besides, the Easter egg has something of a gift in its festively decorated shell how it is waiting to be unpacked – pardon – to be cracked open to divulge its treasures.

However, it’s a gift one usually knows what is contains. And precisely with this knowledge we want to play fast and loose on this special occasion.

Here comes the Easter Egg recipe by Max Strohe: If you do not want to bother to accurately cut the upper egg shell – we strongly advise against doing so as we tried multiple times with horrendous breaking quota – just order the shells online at Bosfood, the nerdy online supermarket for all kinds of culinary crazy stuff (but be careful, don’t hang on there for too long! You can easily loose hours shopping virtually!) Either bare, glamorous or the gothic version we have chosen.

Collage-EASTER-MENU (1)

Step 1
: Passion fruit mousse
180 g passion fruit mash
80 g sugar
350 g whipped cream
6 sheets gelatin
A pinch of salt
Soak gelatin in cold water. Whip cream softly with salt (not so tight that it remains in the vessel if it was put on the head!). 
Stir passion fruit mash & sugar, heat the gelatin and mix easily. Gelatinize and fold the cream into the semi-gelled mass. Put it in a pastry bag and into the refrigerator.

Step 2: 
Chocolate truffles
50 g Dark chocolate coating
25 g Dulcey Valrhona chocolate
35 g cream
12 g butter
Some cocoa to dust
Cayenne, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg
Melt the chocolate in the cream at 60 – 80 degrees and let it cool down to body temperature.
Stir butter with spices, and then mix with the cooled chocolate mass into a homogeneous mass. Fill it in another pastry bag. Once the mass is firm enough put it onto baking paper (no chocolate yolks on the paper) and dust with cocoa powder.

Step 3: 
Egg liquor spume
150 g Egg liquor 100 g cream
Blend egg liquor and cream and fill into an espuma bottle (cream dispenser). Add a nitrogen cartridge, shake and splash. Finally inject the passion fruit mousse in the bottom of the egg, embed the chocolate truffle in it and top with egg liquor foam.
Bon Appetit!