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Whether you are looking for a healthy menu when flying long distance or a lunch to go for your time off your office desk, we think that food prepared in a jar is a perfect solution. The taste stays fresh, the vegetables crunchy and eating out of a pretty glass jar is much better than a Tupperware or plastic container.

IRMA selected five dishes that keep you energized all day or all flight long, hydrate your body from the inside and make you look forward to enjoying your homemade food. Take a look at what we’ve got:

FRESH CRUDITÉS: This French classic dish is perfect to give you all the vitamins you need (without having to brush your teeth afterwards). We added a bunch of basil leaves and a dried date for extra flavour and some interesting mix of adding sweet to your veggies.

MIXED SALAD: Finely cut green leaves, arugula and carrots, seasoned with chia oil, olive oil, a spritz of lemon, salt & pepper, topped with tamari-coated and roasted

QUINOA SALAD with cinnamon-infused raisins and freshly pealed peanuts, seasoned with just some lemon juice and olive oil gives you all the proteins you need. You can eat it together with the crudités or add some plain, natural yogurt.

ALMOND MILK FOAM WITH RAW CHOCOLATE POWDER: Invest in a milk foamer which makes a perfect cream out of any milk. Just add a tablespoon of raw chocolate powder and you have the most healthy mousse au chocolat on earth. The more chocolate powder the more intense the flavour gets, the less powder the stronger the flavour of the milk comes out. No worries, this shake tastes just as good even when cold.

MACARONS: If you need something sweet to finish your meal, get some macarons in your favorite flavours. You can dip them into your almond milk.

We think that food on flights is getting worse each time unless you travel with some airlines in Business or First Class that serve fine food, organic cheese and teas on board. Etihat Airlines makes delicious rice dishes even in economy class and Turkish Airlines is doing a good job with their selection of Baklava.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-23 um 23.24.10We got inspired by the idea of airlines and food by the great book The Art of Flying by Assouline with the illustrated cover by artist Marc Delhomme, which is so beautiful you could even hang it on the wall.

All dishes were cooked by JK from IRMASWORLD.COM, the idea and all suggested websites for jar food come from our Guest Editor Zoe Stefanie Warncke from New York.
Photographed by IRMASWORLD

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