My new make-up with light & energy by Sensai

Jasmin from IRMAS WORLD tries the new Sendai foundaytion
Jasmin from IRMAS WORLD tries the new Sendai foundation

Light is pure energy, and I am talking about the daylight, the warm rays of sun, the changing of light and how it reflects onto your skin. There is nothing more rewarding than waking up and looking at the sun outside, you will immediately smile and your skin soaks up all the energy and warmth.

Naturally I am protecting my skin when it comes to stepping out of the door. Therefore I am keen on experiencing what SENSAI came up with this time. The Japanese cosmetics brand is known for combining science with nature, as the brand’s signature ingredient is Koishimaru Silk and of course the new make-up products and foundations are made in the same manner.

We had a chat with their Make-up Specialist Michael G. Rial Farina, and let me tell you what I have learned, as make-up can and should be used differently according to the light.

The reflection of light on skin and jewels are the most beautiful

MORNING LIGHT – a walk in the park, where you soak up all the energy for your day.

If it is your morning run through the park you probably don’t want to use any make-up. But in your mind you get prepared for your day. In terms of beauty, SENSAI prepares you quite well with their unique technologies in their new products. The Silk Drape Technology is responsible for the silky soft textures and thus for instant luxury moments while putting on your make-up. And while the make-up lasts on your skin, the Koishimaru Silk extracts are able to reinforce the hyaluronic synthesis which is significant for healthy and moisturized skin. After all, if you like to use some make-up for an early walk in the park, a hint of SENSAI’s TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER and maybe some highlights on the cheeks will do. If you want to hide uneven skin tones or irritations, you could use the LUMINOUS SHEER FOUNDATION punctually like a concealer or apply a thin layer of the GLOWING BASE, which evens the skin tone with orange and green pigments.

Take the advantages of daylight for the beauty of your skin

OFFICE LIGHT – harsh and mostly blue filtered.

For your office day, packed with meetings, and spending most of your day in some conference rooms, SENSAI came up with a candlelight-like finish in its FLAWLESS SATIN FOUNDATION. We love candlelight, and it flatters our skin – for the flawless warm tone it lends to your complexion. The very special Silky Frost Powder, microfine, light-scattering particles, are responsible for this effect and on top absorbing sebum for a matte and fresh look throughout your busiest hours.

AFTERNOON SUN – golden sundown, IRMA finds it the most energizing light.

Maybe it’s an after-work sundowner, or a tea-time with friends. The SUPREME ILLUMINATOR might be the perfect match for a quick fresh-up or a very natural look with just a few highlights. Use the highlighter on those facial parts which reflecting light naturally, like bridge, cheek bones, cupid bow or beneath your eyebrows.

THE MOON SHINES BRIGHT: Night and starlight.

Club night, dinner with your loved one or just one or two proper drinks in your favourite bar? Whatever you are up to, you just want your make-up to be perfect and lasting. The candlelight or warm light comes naturally, so feel free using a light foundation like LUMINOUS SHEER FOUNDATION. Such light textures are easy to use, even if you are in a rush. I like using it as a concealer, for hiding spots and unevenness around the nose, for a very natural look. And I love the small packaging – perfect to put in your mini bag or for travelling. But even a very light make-up could use a fixation and the TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER does that in an invisible way. Plus, it protects the skin against moisture loss and it is sweat- and water resistant, if the DJs music is too good to stand still. For the perfect amount of powder on the puff, turn the powder pot 180 degrees. With the puff gently press the powder to your skin and expose it.


With the kind support of SENSAI.