What did I pack in my bag for Marrakech

My two favourite places in Marrakesh, the Amanjena (left) and the Royal Mansour (right).

Packing your luggage can be lots of fun or a nightmare, depending on how well you are organized (or not).

I have made the experience that if you plan your wardrobe for a trip ahead you will not need to take too many things and the question what should I wear? is needless, because you have planned it all. So how do I do it?

Think of what you want to do, which places you will visit and what the weather will be like. Once you have all the information, put your outfits together.

I always take some classics like jeans, white T-shirt, white shirt and white sneakers, and on the other hand I take some fun pieces, clothes that are outstanding, a great pair of sandals, an eye-catching blouse or dress and my favourite jacket of the season.

Velvet flats by Tory Burch, winter 2017 collection, are comfortably chic.

If you have not enough space in your luggage and want to travel light, take some key pieces, a few classics and lots of accessories, like earrings, scarfs, belts, bags and shoes. They are easier to pack into each other and save room for the rest. Tip: Wear the heavier clothes on your travel.

With a great variety of accessories you can dress up any basic piece or change yesterday’s look into something new. That is also why I always carry a selection of ribbons and belts with me because I can even change the silhouette of garments. For example, transform a large shirt into a fitted top.

For my latest travels to Marrakesh I took a few things as I changed hotels and places more often and I did not want to spend too much time packing and unpacking.

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Stella McCartney
Tory Burch
Yves Saint Laurent
Oscar de la Renta
Isabel Marant