Sparkling wine for an autumn weekend dinner

The perfect set-up for a dinner with sparkling wine at Berlucchi winery in Franciacorta

To prolong that Indian summer mood there is nothing better than gathering with your friends and enjoying some simple but divine food with a fresh sparkling wine.

We asked Francesca Facchetti of the Berlucchi winery in Franciacorta, which we have visited this summer about her menu which is easily cooked and perfect for a dinner party, accompanied by their house Franciacorta sparkling wine.

For the table setting we got inspired by the restaurant LA PASSAGÈRE at the Hôtel Belles Rives in Juan les Pins where all tablewear is from the 1930s, hand-painted Bernardaud porcelain, featuring scenes from the hotel’s surroundings.

Colorful hand-blown glass created by artisans from the nearby city of Biot and ceramic rosettes and oversized mirror panels hang from the ceiling, allowing bright colors to ricochet and reflect throughout. A mix of green and blue fabric benches, custom Ruhlmann chairs covered with celadon leather, tall white pillars with intricate hand-painted designs and oversized windows makes this place the perfect inspiration for a dinner party.

Restaurant La Passagère at Hôtel Belles Rives, Juan les Pins

IRMA: Do you have a random recipe of the pasta dish which works great with a Franciacorta sparkling wine?

FRANCESCA FACCHETTI: Meat casoncelli is a great combination. A good recipe can be found here, for example. 

IRMA: Which wine would be best for cooking, if so ?

FRANCESCA FACCHETTI: A great way to cook with Franciacorta is “risotto al Franciacorta”, where you add wine while cooking the rice.

IRMA: Is the purity of wine and spirits back in fashion? Do you have a cocktail recipe for us which can be mixed with any of your wines?

FRANCESCA FACCHETTI: Yes, absolutely. We have always preferred to serve our Franciacorta “pure”, not mixed up.

IRMA: Which Franciacorta sparkling wine would go best with which kind of dessert?

FRANCESCA FACCHETTI: The most suitable Franciacorta with dessert is Demi Sec, with a higher amount of dosage. It may be paired with a tarte tatin or a fresh fruit cup.

Dinner plates at La Passagère, Hôtel Belles Rives


61 Satèn as aperitivo, paired with a slice of Parma ham

61 Rosé as aperitivo, with crustaceans, or paired with a starter like shrimp salad

61 Brut with a local pasta dish like casoncelli (a traditional pasta dish from Lombardy, filled with lake fish sauce) or with a fresh water dish main course like fried perch fillets

61 Nature 2010 with a main course like manzo all’olio (stewed beef with olive oil sauce) or grilled meat or fish

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