Luxury Dreams made my way to the Maldives

No matter what, a first dip into the Indian Ocean is the best after a long flight; views from the plane en route to the Maldives.
On the slider: Jasmin wears a jacket by Belstaff Summer 2018, silk pants by Helmut Lang. The views flying along the Gulf of Oman are magnificent on our way from Abu Dhabi to Male.

What is your goal in traveling? That is the first question Michael Kern asked me when I stepped into his Berlin-based travel agency Luxury Dreams on a grey October afternoon.

The creative duo, Marcel and Michael Kern, have a very strong vision when it comes to a personal travel experience, which today puts a focus on individuality and sustainability at a new level. The idea is that the journey actually starts the minute you think about your plans for a holiday.

After telling them about my travel history, my preferences, how I really want to spend my holidays and what I want to get out of it, they developed a tailor-made vacation plan.

There is nothing more relaxing than looking out over the ocean. Sweater Resort Max Mara Sport

This includes the way of travel, which stopovers, if any, suit my way of traveling, what kind of resort or city destination I like and what I want to bring back home with me. A relaxed mind, a new fitness routine or millions of adventurous memories – they have an idea.

In my case I consulted them for the way of traveling, because I already had my destination set. As I am a big believer in a holiday that should start the moment you are packing your luggage, the rest seemed to be a perfect suggestion.

The beautiful beaches of the newly opened Milaidhoo resort

IRMA’S TRAVEL TIPS for a perfect journey

– A week before traveling, you will receive a package from Luxury Dreams showing all your travel details and a sleeping mask which reminds me of packing my on-board beauty products. I suggest the MASQUE DE NUIT RECUPERATEUR, LE LIFT by Chanel and BRUME DE LA MER by LA MER as a prep for your skin and for refreshment before landing

– Two weeks ahead you can book your special menu with your airline. Take into consideration at what time you are flying. In my case it is a night fight and I ordered a light vegetarian menu and had lots of mineral water during the flight.

– What has your stopover destination to offer? Do you want to stroll around the duty free section and do some pre-holiday shopping or is regeneration of your body and soul a top must?

We chose Abu Dhabi on our way to Male because they have a great Six Senses Spa. Download their menu and book your treatment in advance, so you have a 100% benefit from your stopover time.

– Infuse your drinking water with lime to hydrate and detox while traveling. Chew on some fresh mint leaves before landing and against bloating. First & Business Class have fresh leafs at hand and provide you with freshly cut lime and lemon.

– Choosing Etihad made food and beverages a delicious experience on board as the Arabian culture serves delicious mezze (great for vegetarians), fresh mint tea and Arabian coffee scented with cinnamon to take care of your well-being during flight time.

– Our final advice when traveling to the Maledives is a deep dip into the Indian Ocean, no matter when you will arrive. Even a swim in the moonlight lets your body and mind immediately set on holiday mode. Soak in the warm, salty water which is the best you can do after a long flight, take your Yoga mat outside for some asanas and breathe in deeply so a good night sleep without jetlag is guaranteed.

Happy Travels!

The seaplane is a pleasure by itself, take a deep breath as you can smell the Ocean from above.

My jacket by Belfast is perfectl for traveling. It has enough pockets and the linen and leather combination makes it wearable in changing climate zones.