Wear the perfume with matching jewels


Who would say no to a sensuous pre-Christmas gift for yourself (and your better half)? That’s why you should take part in our raffle! You can win 1 of 5 Boucheron perfume couples of Absolu de Nuit pour Femme and pour Homme.

Take part in our raffle and be a lucky winner!

It’s this time of the year where we like to sparkle & glow and surround ourselves with opulence, golden light and of course exquisite scents from around the world. IRMA selected her favourite jewellery houses from which she has been collecting vintage jewellery for a long time. And it only makes sense to use their matching perfumes. Each perfume has its own signature bouquet and tells a matching story of its own.

Boucheron’s new scent Quatre: Absolu de Nuit


Boucheron came up with a new Quatre perfume couple: Absolu de Nuit. A ‘floriental-gourmand’ scent, as the female version is described – just right for this time of year. The smell in the very beginning is fresh, thanks to bergamot and pink pepper and also bitter-almond, which already leads the way to the floriental impression with vanilla, jasmine, tonka bean and sandalwood. Absolu de Nuit pour Homme no less is a scent you wish your better half to wear for a cozy evening, whether you spent this night beside the fireplace at home or in the ambiance of your favourite restaurant, while it starts snowing outside. The vanilla is present and yet it’s not – spices like nutmeg, sage and different woods mix up this scent in a very special way.

Van Cleef & Arpels 

The newest creation Bois Doré belongs to the brand’s Collection Extraordinaire. The aim was to create a scent which conveys the brilliance of 24 carat gold. It conveys warmth, sweetness and power. We all know how a dry sparkling wine tastes, but have you ever smelled a dry scent? Then Bois Doré might be your first. Cedar wood gives this fragrance a “dry” touch, which just lends a perfect balance to the sweet- and richness of the tonka bean.


La Panthère is a fresh but also gentle, smooth, flowery scent. The kind of accessory you’d like to wear every day, something that belongs to you like a special ring or necklace. Gardenia and musk are giving this scent the perfect balance, for a self-confident woman, who lives out her strength and her feminine side.

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