Les mains d’Hermès

The latest edition to Hermès Beauty’s expanding collection, Les Main Hermès has everything we are looking for in a quality manicure at home: A rich hand cream, a nail and cuticle oil, shiny topcoat, enamel-strengthening base coat, and what might just be the world’s most high-fashion nail files in signature orange.

But the most impact have the 24 new varnish colours which run the gamut from signature (there’s an Hermès trademark Classic Orange) to ultra-trendy (those deep, greens) with plenty in between. The range of colours matching so well to the collection of silk foulards, pret-a-porter and accessories the brand stands for.
Hermès acknowledges that what one chooses to do with hands and nails is essentially an extension of the personality — and made sure there were enough colours to match every possible mood, phase, and style.

“The hand is the epitome of care,” explains Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès, in a press release. “We are the house of hands. The hand is a supremely civilizing influence that transforms us and connects us to each other.” It would make sense then that the fashion house put so much time and focus on perfecting each product’s composition.

The hand cream, comprised of 98% natural ingredients, is balm-like in its consistency and formulated with white mulberry extract with smoothing, hydrating properties. In conjunction with the cream’s hyaluronic acid and Passiflora oil, it’s a multi-sensory experience that evens out skin tones and nourishes holistically.

The oil is just as luxurious, with five carefully chosen oils combined to soften cuticles, hydrate nail beds, and protect against wear and tear.

The nail polishes come complete with a long, rounded brush for easy and intuitive application as well as a long-lasting, naturally derived formula. Really, the only issue with this new addition to the Hermès Beauty family is the question which colours to choose, as they are all magnificent. And how to store all 24 must-have colours, affectionately named for beloved French iconography.
We trust Hermès to come up with a chic solution to that, too: Wait and see the next objet d’art in the making.