Green for good

Green is the colour we are longing for right now. In European, and Islamic countries, green is the colour most commonly associated with nature, life, health, youth, spring, hope, and envy.
Not only politically but also mentally we are going into a green phase. Which means that nature becomes more and more our greatest treasure and by far the largest contributor to green in nature is chlorophyll.

Green is the colour between blue and yellow and there are many shades that go either one or the other direction.
We love green on our plate for a healthy cuisine, in our make-up on our eyes to compliment red lips, in our interior to calm our mind and lately more and more in fashion, because it is simply chic.
Green is a cool colour because it has shorter wavelengths. While our eyes need to adjust to see colours with longer wavelengths, they don’t need to adjust at all to see cool colours like green.

Find IRMAS edit for green in all kinds of shades.

The Marseille Pants in pistaccio and matching Seville Blouse/ Link


Bottega Veneta green coat Fall 2021 via Net-a-Porter


We feel calm, secure and at ease with ourselves when being in Nature. Vintage Prada cape and Kelly bag by Hermès


Green jewellery, earrings by Boucheron at Aliita are like a skin glowing make-up.


Green leaves, flowers and branches as table decoration stimulate our creative mind and taste for a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for an interesting table talk.


Our latest Baby Alpaca hand knitted jumper can be worn from both sides, depending on your mood, apple green and burgundy.


The beauty of flowers is more evident when adding green leaves to your blossoms.
Knitwear by The Great from Net-a-Porter.
Energetic, light green bag by Loewe.
My illustration art for Jacquemus
Forest green, opaque tights matching a Horror Vacui dress
More artwork and leaves
Earrings by Pacharee, seen at Net-a-Porter.
Illustration art by Jasmin Khezri