Women at work

Reading through the latest book POWER – INSPIRIERENDE FRAUEN by Callwey, edited and written by Heide Christiansen and Ute Laatz you get to know the many different ways the selected 21 women in this book work successfully.
Learn more about the essence of their work, how they are passionate about it and how they organize their work-life balance, structure their day, and be inspired by what they do. Each one of them is different, but they all share the same enthusiasm.
I am honoured to be part of this book and like to share my personal tips for getting things done. Not always easy, but for the pleasure of getting a step further, solving a problem or just finding a new direction. It all starts with liking what you are doing

GET THINGS DONE by Jasmin Khezri art Director and founder of IRMASWORLD and IRMASWORLD – The Label

1. Share your ideas with different people you trust. They do not have to be from your field but have to have an open mind and clear opinion in life. Like this you get true feedback from different angles that helps you to find solutions. Still keep your direction and keep on going, but keep in mind what they say.

2. Everyone knows the feeling of getting something done which seems to be impossible. But imagine the good feeling once you have done it. Always keep that feeling in mind and get started. The earlier you handle a problem the quicker it is solved. 🙂

3. Create your personal work rhythm and find out when you perform best. Once you have found a work / mind rhythm you can create a work schedule that is beneficial to you and besides you get things done easier.
For example, I do not like to do telephone calls, therefor I do them when I am walking the dog or taking the bike to my next appointment. Being in movement gives me ideas and solutions and telephone calls become an easy task.

4. Create goals and deadlines for yourself. For example, every Friday write down what you have achieved this week and what not. See which list is longer and find a solution to make things work. But also, do not be too strict with yourself, sometimes things do not move further because others cannot decide.

5. Writing lists is one thing that has changed a lot, since sometimes they seem to get longer and longer.
TO DO lists are only satisfying when they get fewer points to do instead of creating papers with scribbles and too much on them. Try only to write important things on your TO DO list, less important ones should be solved while doing the groceries, preparing dinner, or getting dressed in the morning. Like this your TO DO list never gets overcrowded and unmanageable.

6. Look ahead so your workload never becomes too stressful.
For example, check your work emails during your holidays, instead of reading through hundreds of mails when being back to work. Try to be ready before the deadline gets you. Extra time is gold.

7. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to creative work. I observe that stepping away from a project and looking at it from a distance helps to find a clear vision. Or not answering a question immediately, others might have found a solution.

Read the protocol by Heide Christiansen and Ute Laatz about my work at POWER – INSPIRIERENDE FRAUEN by Callwey