Just keep on walking

ELLE August [Konvertiert] Kopie
When IRMA runs out of time, she takes her dog for a ride on a bike.
MUNICH: Polly the Beagle completely changed my life. To be honest, I never wanted to have a dog, so do not ask me how it happened that I got one and now I end up going for daily walks when I am not travelling.

Polly is nice, she is pretty, an angel at home and very social when she is up about town, but she is a Beagle and like all Beagles eager to make her own decisions when outside.

Needless to say that we both leave the house, but often she decides to take her own turns which are most of the time going in a different direction than mine.

Getting dressed with Polly is another topic. High heels are no longer save and coats and jackets with lots of pockets are a must. Flat shoes, big bags and comfortable trousers are my best choice when going for walks. Which is actually good because taking little walking breaks during your workday makes you active and lets you see things from a different angle, a distance.

Once back home, Polly pretends that nothing went wrong between us and we are bffs. She walks right to the most comfortable canapé ready for a nap and getting all the energy for her next walk on the sunny side of the street.

If you want to follow Polly, stay tuned at Polly the Beagle!

Collage Walk the Dog
JK from IRMASWORLD once again looking for Polly; fur bags like this one from Dries van Noten SS2015 are perfect when going out with your dog, they make comfortable cushions when going out for lunch with Polly, a perfect outfit for a walk in the park by Celine SS 2015, trainers are a must and can be beautiful as well, like these ones from Bottega Veneta, I wonder what a beagle dreams about….; Trench coats are perfect for dog walkers, like this one from A.P.C.; my favourite Parka by Rodarte SS2015 with lots of pockets