IRMA’s everyday situation for Harper’s Bazaar Polska

Chanel, summer 2018

When Joanna Góra asked me to do an assignment for Harper’s Bazaar Polska, I was happy and challenged to put IRMA into everyday situations in the most outstanding dresses of the summer collections 2018.

She selected the dresses IRMA should wear in her basic workday. Hard to imagine but as you can see most possible and fun. Why not wear a Gucci cape dress while riding your bike through the park or a Chanel plastic fantastic outfit when walking the dogs?

I could go on and on and that is the fun about fashion illustrations – you can imagine just about anything and put it on paper.

All Glycee art prints are available in a limited edition in our SHOP, framed or not, and hand-signed by me.

Saint Laurent, summer 2018


Gucci, summer 2018


Jasmin Khezri in her studio in Munich