IRMA’s beauty tips for a pretty Foreo smile

ISSA toothbrush by FOREO
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Dental hygiene is like cleaning your face every day. IRMA does not leave the house without her dental floss package because it feels fresh and nice to have a beautiful smile all day long.

We talked to Paul Peros, CEO of the new FOREO toothbrush “ISSA”, which is out and about in our bathrooms and travel kits. What is new and worth looking into with this new kind of toothbrush?

IRMA: Is the ISSA brush a new way to avoid a conventional tooth cleaning? What is the most effective cleaning for the health of your gum?
PAUL PEROS: The ISSA is an alternative for dental care that provides a more comprehensive oral care insofar as we have considered the fact that the base (literally) for our teeth are our gums. Traditional toothbrushes risk damaging and harming the gums, while the ISSA does the opposite: during brushing it also actually helps to improve the state of the gums. If the gums are not in order, the teeth don’t stand a chance, right?

IRMA: Can ISSA replace my regular toothbrush?
PAUL PEROS: Yes, it can and it should!

IRMA: Who should not use the ISSA brush?
PAUL PEROS: Nobody – that is, everybody should use the ISSA. In case of more demanding cleansing needs, such as a natural proneness for plaque and stains often induced by smoking and coffee consumption, we also have the ISSA Hybrid.

IRMA: Is there a special toothpaste or tooth salt you recommend?
PAUL PEROS: We are working on it, but for now you can use the ISSA with any paste and salt of you preference.

IRMA: How do you see the development of the market for beauty tools and are they going to replace more and more the manual beauty routine?
PAUL PEROS: I think that this is only the beginning. The tools as we know them today are still very rudimentary. We are likely to see many new fascinating applications over the next years on the one hand, as well as developments of existing applications with increasing reach of the category. I don’t think that tools will replace manual routines as such, but I expect new technology to transform and add performance to existing routines and even bring about completely new ones.

Dental hygiene


Mix 3 tsp of baking soda with 2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (3% or less is safe for oral use) and use this paste to carefully brush away stains.

… and use a straw next time you drink a glass of red wine (you may want to do this only at home), black tea or coffee. That way the liquids don’t get in contact with your teeth.

… eat an apple if you do not have your toothbrush at hand and rinse your mouth with clear water afterwards. Apples are great cleansers, which of course have fructose sugar but take away stains and food in between your teeth.

…with a slight blue-based tone. It will make your teeth immediately appear much brighter.

Take one tbs of unroasted sesame oil and rinse your mouth and teeth with it every morning. Do not swallow the oil but spit it out. It will detox your mouth and strengthen your gums.