Magic mirror cakes by Olga

A cake with Olga Noskova's signature glossy marble icing, the happy baker, Britney Spears' comment on Facebook made Olga proud
A cake with Olga’s signature glossy marble finish, Olga Noskova in her kitchen, happy about Britney Spears’ comment on Facebook

Cake making is more and more becoming an art form, where some patissiers are looking for healthy versions with superfood ingredients, others create the most marvelous looking pieces of the sweetest temptation. We met Russian baker Olga Noskova, who is lucky enough to share her daily bakes with 606 K followers around the world. With their perfect sheen and rich colors, Olga’s stunning creations are almost too pretty to eat.

IRMA: What was the initial spark to create these special cakes?
OLGA NOSKOVA: I had a dream that every morning I could wake up and be engaged in the creative work I loved with all my heart. I wanted the realization of my personality. I was inspired by different tastes, the beauty of our republic Bashkortostan.

IRMA: What is the secret behind the mirror icing? (It should probably stay a secret, but maybe a little hint?)
O.N.: The secret is in the reflection, which was achieved by various experiments. As a result, each cake requires its own uniqueness.

IRMA: When did you know you wanted to become a baker?
O.N.: It happened nearly a year and a half ago, when I realized the words of Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

IRMA: Cakes are usually round… Is that your favorite shape of things?
O.N.: I am fond of the eclipse form. This form reminds me of space.

IRMA: Doesn’t it break your heart when your stunning creations get eaten?
O.N.: My heart is filled with joy, everything that I do, I do for the people who admire my work, and I am very grateful to every one.

IRMA: How/where can I order a cake of yours?
O.N.: I am very serious about the quality of my cakes. Delivery requires freezing, which certainly reduces the quality. For better taste you must try the freshly made cake. Now I plan guest visits to the countries where people want to taste my cakes. News about the trips will be posted on Instagram.

IRMA: Where do you get the inspiration for all these colors and flavors?
O.N.: I am inspired by everything beautiful that I see in nature, and I am inspired by the good reviews and letters from my favorite followers.

IRMA: Daydreaming: If you could wear ANY outfit in the world when you go out for dinner on a Saturday night, what would it be?
O.N.: I have a good figure, I think, so the classic little black dress with nice shoes really goes well. 😊

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