Inspired by Stella Jean


ROME: Last week end I discovered Stella Jean, a new designer of Haitian and Italian background who is my favorite at the moment. It does have to do with the wax prints and stripes mixed in a way that it looks effortless. Anyone’s reaction at the first sight of the bold colors and the over-size shapes on coats, dresses and skirts might be a little bit surprised. But once you get used to the mixing of prints you get to enjoy every detail and would want to wear Stella Jean’s creations. The mix in prints isn’t only a fashion choice, it is a cultural statement given from Stella which herself is a mix of cultures being a Haitian-Italian designer. This cross-cultural experience she has lived while growing up is transformed in her signature style for her fashion brand.

The Stella Jean Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection is a journey through the continents. The sartorial cuts are European, the long grey got with the faux fur comes from the Navajos, the hats taken from the British aristocracy have colorful foulard worn by women of the Andes, the asymmetrically-cut shirts are taken from the Mongolians.

What I learned from her styles is that a crisp men’s shirt or a demin top can make any print wearable and cool. Have a look.


Doppio Zero, Rome
Doppio Zero, Rome