In-Flight Skincare that keeps you safe and relaxed

Sunglasses by TODS and the tray by Schönbuch.


Be protected, stay hydrated and step off the plane in full glow, this is the goal when traveling these days.

We created a special travel relaxation set by IRMA that protects you and makes you want to shut your eyes while travelling to rest and arrive fully refreshed.

Follow IRMA’s steps and travelling will be almost a spa treatment experience, ?.



Eyes need special attention not only during a flight but especially when wearing a mask.

For a fresh look we suggest to always wear a concealer, Phyto Crème éclat by Sisley, even on an early flight you will look far awake, but before and also after the flight use a special eye serum like the Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid also by Sisley.

For relaxation and safety wear our cotton eye mask and relax for departure.


ROYAL FERN Illuminating Ampoules

These plants powered Phytoactive illuminating ampoules are definitely making a change, not only when flying, but we suggest starting a skin cure three days before and three days after travelling to fully hydrate and pamper your skin and to reduce uneven pigmentation, especially after a holiday in the sun. Also, ampoules are the perfect beauty companion when going for short trips as you can decide on the quantity, you really need to pack.



The uniqueness about this sun care product is that it contains UVA- and UVB-Filter Tinosorb S and M which do not enter the skin. They have no hormonal effect and have no free radicals .

For the very sensitive skin it contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and caffeine. These antioxydantes have an additional protective effect on your skin.  Order directly .


VITALIS DR.JOSEPH, Any Moment Refreshing Mask Spray 

The Any Moment refreshing mask spray is perfect to disinfect and refresh your mask while travelling. The essence of Eucalyptus and spruce refresh your respiratory tract, while Litsea and peppermint have cleansing properties .

The spray with these essentials oils makes wearing a mask almost a therapeutically experience. Perfect for use before boarding a plane.  Spray in a distance of 30-40 centimetre on your mask and wait 3-5 minutes before putting on the mask.



IRMASWORLD, Travel Relaxation Kit

We love to travel save and created a travel kit , consisting of a beauty pouch, eye mask and face mask to keep you protected while travelling.

The pouch comes with an illustrated embroidery by IRMA and all pieces are made out of Maison Pierre Frey Fabric.

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