Santa Clara 1728, a concept of today’s hotel living

Traveling in Corona times can be tricky.
Whether you feel comfortable in a hotel or rather like to rent a house for privacy. Anyone of the five houses in Portugal from the independent hotel group Silent Living fulfills both needs to my opinion.
The former 18th century palace at the famous Feira da Ladra (Lisbon’s Flea Market) site had been reconstructed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus to create lots of space, light through large windows and at the same time an effortless intimacy for their six suits, entrance hall, reception room and dining room.

Santa Clara 1728 might be an example of how luxury hotels might or rather should be in the future.
Small, sustainably services with a delicious breakfast menu a lush backyard garden to relax and spacious but few rooms, decorated with the finest materials.

What do you really need in your hotel room? Are TV flatscreens and stereo systems are of importance any longer? Of course, a mini bar with refreshments is a must and even better when you have a great selection of organic juices and home-made cookies to accompany your morning coffee.

The identity of this place makes you truly feel at your home in Lisbon. You can fully immerse yourself in the culture and daily life of the city, the minute you check in. Whether it’s through what you eat, what you see, or where you stay. The best trips are those that take visitors to places that speak to the heart of the city they’re exploring and that is exactly what happens at Santa Clara 1728.

What makes you feel like being at home? The homemade cakes which are served around teatime in the afternoon, a selection of art books and beautiful flower bouquets around the house.
And the daily homemade breakfast by the chef who selects only local products for a delicious four course breakfast menu with homemade bread, sweets and freshly cut fruits and pressed juices.

Actually, you might feel just like staying in as the rooms invite you to linger. Whether you would like to take a bath, an afternoon nap or daydream in the garden, you are continuously invited to take time out and to look after yourself.

We can recommend all houses by Silent Living for their uniqueness, authenticity and their way of silent living which we all need, especially now.