One short holiday. Lunch at Villa d’Este, lake Como

There are many studies about summer holidays in 2020. We prefer to stay close and travel by car. Make it easy to get from A to B and do not want to stay too long.

Therefore we created a series of road trips by car, (link )and ask our self to which beautiful destination could we easily drive by car to have a lunch that is authentical and delicious and makes you feel as if you had a holiday for a long time.

Yes, we think lunch is the most important meal during a summer get away. Especially in the shade of old trees at the Italian Lake Como. Make it even more unique when it is on the terrace of the famous Villa d’Este.

Upon arrival you feel refreshed the minute you step out of the car into the beautiful lush garden of the property.
Go for a walk in their romantic garden or for a swim in their renewed floating pool on the lake before sitting down to an Aperitivo at the garden bar. Or go directly to your table with that stunning view over the lake.

Why is this place so special in times like this?
Because it combines a beautiful private garden with the traditional, classic way of enjoying an elegant lunch. The way how the food is served on the white porcelain of the hotel, which has changed from the start never (What a relief!) gives you the familiar feel as if the time for a moment stopped.

The pool is like a large boat in the lake and when you daydream on the sundeck overlooking the water and hills you feel secure and lucky to just have hoped over to the sunny side of the Alpes.

The food
Everything from classic escalope Milanese to most of the traditional starters are made in the classic Italian way. No hassle just pure and simple with a few drops of their best olive oil. Deserts can be more the Grande Dame unless you stay conservative and order an Affogato con café.


The relaxation factor
is quite high as the journey through beautiful Switzerland, the San Bernardino Pass and down to the lake already puts you in a holiday mood.
A swim in the lake, reading a book under the pavilion by the pool or on a bench in the hotel park takes you to another world, far from home, but simple and close.


We would like to thank Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. for providing us with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge for this road-trip. It took us about five hours from Munich.

For weekend stays contact Villa d’Este directly