How to tell a winter story with Ruinart and Meissen

Anna Clara Hesedenz offers chilled champagne in the most elegant way; “Die drei Affen” in camouflage by Meissen, illustration art by IRMA “dedicated Skier in Méribel”; Cosima Kohl. Photos © Sammy Hart

When we thought of an end of the year exhibition, the first thing that came to our mind was the association with the winter season.
What are the things we love to do at that time of the year and of course the festive holiday mood took over: Champagne, fine porcelain to drink your Earl Grey, trees, yes green, natural Christmas trees with some porcelain Christmas balls, great music, warm light and maybe some illustration art or photography to look at and daydream?

Red and rosé match perfectly to green and all other natural hues. Dress by Etro, Winter 2018; shoes Celine, vintage. Jasmin with Carolin Sangha from Casa Nata, and artistic director at Schoenbuch.Photos © Sammy Hart

All these things call for a Holiday celebration and chilled Champagne by Ruinart who had been our accomplice while Mela Gruber from seven elohim and I were happy to select some precious new and traditional must have by Meissen.

Their new creative directors Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich from ODEEH launched somemodern inspired pieces and transformed in their visual language one or the other Meissen signature piece, like for example the famous three apes, which made me draw a fashion illustration of IRMA wearing a camouflage ski outfit in Méribel along the slopes.

Art photography by Sammy Hart, Outdoor sofa Paola Lenti

The photographer Sammy Hart showcased some of his strong women series “Frauenbilder” which matched beautifully the spirit of the evening the atmosphere of the architectural space seven elohim and the eclectic guests.

He sees himself as a chronicler, always taking his camera along to document what he sees besides doing his assignments and productions.

Christmas decoration asks for big green wreaths, an illustration art, some fine porcelain dragon mugs and scented candles by Meissen.Table by Paola Lenti. Photos © Sammy Hart

To organize this Cocktail party, Mela Gruber, interior Designer and co-founder of seven elohim, photographer Sammy Hart and I had great pleasure in transforming the showroom into a space out of a winter story.
Natural paint on the walls, their own designed natural oak wood floor as well as the giant Christmas tree decorated only with fresh eucalyptus and pine cones were the perfect setting for the art, the creative crowd and the fine porcelain by Meissen.

Property entrepreneur and ambassador to the UNO Judith Epstein with interior designer Mela Gruber; Dr. Alexander Kunkel, Galerist; Anika Gibbs. Photos © Sammy Hart


Melanie Pannenbecker and a porcelain figure by Meissen. Photos © Sammy Hart


Painter Carolin Ehret with Ellie Hochdörfer and Carolin Sangha wearing Martin Margiela. Photos © Sammy Hart


Team Ruinart: Alexa Agnelli with Julia Barsch and Tatjana Steininger; Canapés on artwork by Irma part of the exhibition space at seven elohim. Photos © Sammy Hart


Polly Bäumler, from Supa Femme, artist Carolin Ehret. Photos © Sammy Hart


Ciara Vanelli, Supa Femme, between Lotta Meyer from Plume Interiors and Mela Gruber, seven elohim. Photos © Sammy Hart


Florian Dressler architect, DJ and co-owner of seven elohim at the desk. Photos © Sammy Hart


Sideboard „ Phönix”, seven elohim; Mela Gruber, Sammy Hart, Jasmin Khezri. Photos © Sammy Hart


The evening was accompanied with music by DJ and architect, Florian Dressler, co-owner of seven elohim.

We would like to thank the house of Ruinart for the generous supply of its finest Champagne.

Meissen Porcelain for the trust in letting us edit our favourite pieces and put them into our perception to inspire our creative mind.