Think out of the box: natural beauty by ZEN OF NATURE


When Barbara Uhsadel started her natural cosmetic brand ZEN OF NATURE, she did not have a specific marketing concept in mind. She just knew that she wanted an honest skin care product, which consists only of natural and best active ingredients. Here we go, some years later she has created a brand that holds all aspects we are looking for in today’s natural skin care routine.

IRMA: What makes ZEN OF NATURE products so special and how do they differ from other natural cosmetics?
BARBARA UHSADEL: If I look at the market, there are so many ambitious natural cosmetics brands which I like very much. We have a similar approach to these ambitious brands.
Because we did not start with a marketing concept, but with the longing for an honest care product, which consists only of natural and best active ingredients.
The difference to these brands lies in our concept: ZEN OF NATURE is based on a combination of natural ingredients with herbal high-tech active ingredients. For our lifting care series, we use an active substance complex of 3 plant stem cells. All our products are always freshly produced for our customers – in our own certified laboratory in Hamburg.

IRMA: How did you develop a powerful anti-aging formulation based solely on natural, vegan ingredients?
BARBARA UHSADEL: Formulating always depends on the combination and the dosage of the ingredients. When dosing we work at the limit of the possible. This results in care products with highly concentrated ingredients. The production in our own laboratory offers ideal conditions for this. In addition: a thorough research, many tests, results analysis, a professional team and very important: creativity. Our passion for “healthy cosmetics” helps us to develop over long stretches, because often such a development process is very tedious. But the effort was worth it. Finally, we have succeeded in developing a natural but very effective anti-aging skin care line.

IRMA: We buy more and more organic food and pay attention to organic quality.
Why do you think that more and more people value a sustainable lifestyle – also in the areas of beauty and fashion?
BARBARA UHSADEL: In general, we humans have difficulties to think out of the box. Because it requires significantly less energy to continue our conditioned pathways. Due to the increasingly occurring scandals, such as diesel gate, food scandals or new medical conditions (burnout), we are forced to rethink. In addition, many people – compared to the post-war generation – live in relative prosperity. So, for the first time, we also have time to reflect on ourselves and our lifestyle. That leads in the sum to a more sustainable way of life – no matter in which area.


IRMA: Does ZEN OF NATURE influence an own way of life with its philosophy and its products? If so, to what extent?
BARBARA UHSADEL: We hope to inspire women to live a more conscious life in harmony with themselves and with nature. There is so much going on in the women’s world: organic, healthy nutrition, yoga, coaching, meditation, mutual support in women’s networks. We women are – I think – already pioneers when it comes to social change. Consciously caring for one’s own skin and not burdening it with additional pollutants is only a very small part of this rethinking – but with which every day should begin. Here we would like to set impulses that will hopefully radiate on the lives of our customers.


German actress Julia-Maria Köhler (“Letzte Spur Berlin“,  „Bauhaus“) already has been inspired and integrated ZEN OF NATURE in her daily beauty routine. Here is why:

IRMA: How and when did you discover ZEN OF NATURE for your daily beauty routine?
Julia-Maria-Köhler: In my job it can happen that the skin reacts sometimes irritated. Because of being prepared for the movie set by makeup artists (using different cosmetic products). Stress and little sleep can also cause irritation. Therefore, I was always looking for healthy cosmetic alternatives, which can relax my skin during film pauses. Then surprisingly ZEN OF NATURE contacted me, because they followed my career and thought our values and working approach could match perfectly. This is why I tried their skincare products and was immediately inspired.

IRMA: So, you already integrated organic beauty and sustainability into your everyday life?
Julia-Maria Köhler: Yes, organic beauty is very important for me, not only because it is good for my healthy skin, but also for the sake of the environment. I pay attention to the ingredients, where and how they are made. And I like to go shopping myself to avoid extra packaging

IRMA: And what was your first impression when you used the products of ZEN OF NATURE for the first time?
Julia-Maria Köhler: These Lifting care products are very well tolerated and my skin is sufficiently well nourished by ZEN OF NATURE. My skin appearance feels and looks much finer and I was amazed at what is taken care of during the production process – on top of that, I find the fragrance irresistible.

IRMA: Do you use a special skin care in the evening after makeup removal, to prepare the skin for the night?
Julia-Maria Köhler: No not really. I cleanse my face with the ZEN OF NATURE Mizellenwasser and depending on when my skin needs more intensive care, e.g. during cold winter days, I also like to use a facial oil. Sufficient hydration is very important to me.

IRMA: Are there any other rituals you use to regenerate your body, soul and skin – except using ZEN OF NATURE ?
Julia- Köhler: I like getting up early, doing sports. Alternating yoga, Nordic walking or swimming. I pay attention to my nutrition, sufficient fluids (tea, water), walk in the fresh air, sleep, meditation and most important: I laugh a lot with friends!


This story was made possible with the support of ZEN OF NATURE