How to take care of yourself and enjoy spring

Spring is a very emotional time of the year; It’s the time to start over, although we may have been a little confused about ever-changing regulations due to the pandemic lately.

Our mind and body don’t like change. Physically, we now have to deal with rising and falling temperatures. One day it’s warm and sunny. The next day you walk on snow. Most of us cannot avoid these changes by spending the month of April on a tropical island. Therefore, we need to adapt and learn how to align body and mind with what is given.

We spoke to doctors, artists, florists and physiotherapists about how we can make the most of it here and now.


Paint or work with colours makes you feel good. Even if you are not a painter or artist. Refurbishing a piece of furniture, creating a new interior for your home can make you extremely happy, because there is something new and solid happening.


Make your own flower bouquet and buy flowers. Mix them with branches, leaves and whatever you find in nature. With other words bring a piece of the outdoors inside, for good energy around the house.


Your hair and skin feel dry and sometimes iritated in spring. If you are suffering from allergy protect your hair with a foulard and your skin with a constant moisturizing shield. When returning back home, I recommend a facial spray or toner, like for example Phytoactive SKIN PERFECTING ESSENCE by Royal Fern
Look out for something new close by. Travel to the countryside or a place that allows you to find different architecture and traditional artisanal work that keeps your mind in a flow, like these Sgraffito we found in the village of Bever in Engadin, Switzerland.


Editing your wardrobe for spring is not new but find a few favourite pieces and style them differently from your usuals dress code. Dark colours should be left behind and natural, cotton materials are what we want on our skin for now.


You might not be in the mood for shopping at the moment, although statistically seen spring is the best shopping time for consumers, where most money is spent on something new to wear. This spring focus on a classic item that will last forever and which you like to pass on to the next generation. How about a mini Birkin Bag by Hermès.


Wear pale pink and tones of rose to warm your soul and make your skin glow. Pink is one of the most energetic colours when it comes to spring. We have a selection of pink trousers and shirts in our Shop, here.


The Soleil dress in a warm red and an artisanal printed fabric by La Maison Pierre Frey dresses you perfectly right now. Wear it with sandals when the sun is out or with a turtleneck and boots when nights are still chilly.