Cover up with a latest poncho

A poncho, a plaid or a cape. Call it as you wish but this will certainly be the garment we will be wearing on and off all year round. Not only because we will socialize mostly outdoors and need something to keep warm, but also because Ponchos are easy to wear in many different ways.

The classic poncho is one piece with an open cut to pull your head through, but designs vary more and more. The rain poncho which is super practical to wear outdoors for a walk or on your bike or a simple plaid which you can wear as a scarf or wrap around poncho style, to keep you warm and to create a new silhouette.

We selected our favorite ones for Easter Sunday to sit outside with your loved ones, cozy and in style. Happy Easter!

Gabriela Hearst Summer 2021.


JK is wearing a cashmere plaid in green by Hermès from the summer 2021 collection and our favorite mini-Kelly bag.


Irmasworld Lambswools plaid with embroidered illustration art.


…by Klippan from Sweden.


Irmasworld reversible gilet.


The reversible gilet by Irmasworld the label.


Loewe Summer ’21.


Great wears our embroidered art plaid.


Saint Laurent Summer ‘21 plaid.


Gucci checked plaid.


Gabriella Hearst summer 2021 cape.