Multicolour Jewels

Jewellery no longer comes in shades of gold and silver. Now earrings, bracelets and rings, etc. are inspired by pop culture and contemporary art, to create a modern, bold look.
This new approach to jewellery comes in different monochrome colours often joyfully submerged with bright enamel. A new way of designing fine jewellery which makes every piece unique. Find IRMAS edit of rainbow jewels below and stock up on colour this spring.

From top left to bottom right: Big picture Aliita, Bottega Veneta, Melissa Kaye, COS and Melissa Kaye.


Sculptural Earrings by COS.


Coloured, leather creoles by Bottega Veneta.


Aliita colourful avocado and carrot on gold.


Melissa Kaye Remi Huggie bracelet-18kYellow Gold with Diamonds and Green Enamel.


Bea Bongiasca, fine jewellery from Milan.


Bottega Veneta


Ribbed hoop earrings by COS


Rings by Bea Bongiasca


Melissa Kaye, Aria Jane ring-18k, pink gold with diamonds and pink enamel.


Flower Creole from the Flower Funk collection by Bea Bongiasca.