How to start your week happy and effective

1. Start the week by getting something done you actually don’t like doing. Monday is a day that is the most disliked and why not make it even worse and benefit from that? Do all your groceries, take care of your book keeping, do all the calls you have been avoiding for a long time, take the toughest sports class on Monday night and get your desk into order. I promise you, the rest of the week is a breeze.

2. Use Monday for what it is – the first day of the week, so take that day to organize the week ahead. What are your plans, goals and interests for a successful week? Which meetings really get you a step ahead and how can you save time for more effective things? Make a plan for the week and write everything down. On Friday, check off the things you have really achieved. If you create a to do list like that for every week, you will soon recognize a pattern, hopefully of a successful work strategy.

3. Returning from a weekend off can be a shock for both body and brain. So make sure your body and mind are perfectly balanced. A healthy breakfast, a run through the park and if you need to see a doctor for a health check, make it Monday, a day of new beginnings and hopefully a perfect work/life balance.

4. Dress absolutely stunningly
Wear something really nice. A dress, a skirt, take care of your hair and paint your nails. Mondays should look and feel different from the weekend. If you see yourself in the mirror, all elegant and chic, your week will have that same flair. Monday should be different from casual Friday or a lazy weekend.

5. Cut out on monotony and start the week with something completely different. Cook something you have never cooked before, take a different route to work, spend your lunch break in a park and eat a healthy snack, start your day differently, maybe with a new sport or meditation.

6. SMILE and be thankful
Yes, it’s another week ahead, full of new opportunities and ideas. Look at the week ahead of you. A sunny day, a nice dinner, a friend who comes to visit, a trip,…etc.? See only the good things and smile with positive energy whenever you can. If you have problems doing that, think of yourself and where you are, even the smallest good thing in life deserves a thankful thought, soon there will be more of that.

7. If you are facing an entire hectic, stressful week, loaded with to dos and unpleasant things to take care of: Organize something really special for the week after, a treat, something to look forward to. Visualize that treat and remind yourself of it whenever you can.

IRMA wears a favourite dress by TIBI from the summer 2018 collection