How to create an office space when you travel

Most people think that you just open your laptop wherever you are and start working.

Being an editor and illustrator, I love to take notes, make sketches and take pictures. I found a way to travel with a small but efficient portable office. Not quite an office, but creating a workspace whether you are in an airport lounge or in a hotel room is a skill which makes life so much easier.

Follow our tips and working while you travel can be lots of fun. This is actually scientifically proven that work done away from your office desk is done quicker and creative ideas come easily. Just think of Hemingway who was a constant working traveler.

  • You might have already heard that IRMASWORLD collaborated with the German stationery brand CEDON, where you can find from now all different notebooks and writing files designed by IRMA. They come in different sizes and have a variety of IRMA artworks, which work well when you need to make notes or maybe just like to start a travel notebook.
  • Find the office app that matches your need while working away from home, whether you need to photoshop and edit pictures (VSCO, Snapseed, InShot) or a translation app. You might not even need to bring your laptop.
  • Whenever I enter a hotel room, I try to optimize the perfect setting of my desk. I need lots of light, if possible an inspiring view and some space around me. Even when the room is tiny I find a way, sometimes it’s best to call room service and have some chairs and unnecessary things taken away.

  • Make your workspace beautiful and add some natural scents to your hotel room. Ask your concierge for the next flower shop and buy some fresh flowers that give your room immediately something personal.
  • When you travel with someone else who might be not working at night or getting up early in the morning, ask for a room with a daylight bathroom, which you can easily transform into a little office. Voilà, two rooms!
  • Take everything in small sizes to gain and save space for other things. It’s also a good idea to by stationary products from the country you are visiting, and of course you can use your phone to make notes, create a picture album or to write a book
  • Use the hotel business center. First of all, it is great if you do not want to work in your hotel room and secondly, most times all stationary and things you need are already there for you to use.