Five reasons why you should use face oils

Face oils from Darphin, Korres and Sisley

I used to be a real cosmeceutical girl. I loved my retinols, chemical peels, and vitamin C. I love laser facials and diamond polishing because they immediately lifted my complexion. But while I still love some of my old favourites (particularly vitamin C serums), I find that peeling and polishing has made my skin thinner and more vulnerable.

Intelligent Frontier facial oil

This year I started a complete oil regimen. I spray my face with a facial mist, then pat on two to three drops of oil. During the day I use Twelve Beauty’s Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil. It has unsaponifiable oils – which contain most active ingredients – that help repair the skin and works for conditions such as acne and rosacea too.

Purearth Wild Rosehip seed oil

At night I use the Purearth Supercritical Wild Rosehip Oil. This one is from rose hips foraged from the Himalayan jungles, and is so potent that it contains about 39% vitamin A. We all know by now that vitamin A is the unrefined form of retinol right? I’m using this to brighten my skin and fade old acne scars.

When I travel I use Korres Pure Greek Olive 3 in one Nourrishing Oil which is a silky, luxurious oil for intensive nourishment on face, body and hair. Rich in extra virgin olive oil and enhanced with a blend of vitamins C, E, F.

Over the last few months my skin looks plumper and feels much softer. It also doesn’t burn in the shower like it used to when I was on prescription-strength retinol.

But these aren’t the only reasons you should use face oils:

  • They are versatile
    There are so many ways to use face oil. You can even add yours into your bottle of face mist. Just give it a good shake before spraying it on. You’ll find that using a mist with face oil before or after your makeup will make you look more radiant. The proportion of oil in the bottle of mist should only be about 5%. I also mix the oil with the water in a steamer and then steam my face with the mixture. This is really good if you have a treatment oil and you want to get it deep into your pores. My favourite is neem oil that really helps to detoxify and clarify the skin.  I like Darphin Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask. Lastly, I use any cold-pressed oil to clean my face. Just take a healthy glug of oil, massage it into your face, and wipe off with a hot, steaming washcloth. This also removes all makeup.
  • They build the skin’s barrier
    Your skin’s barrier is its protective wall. Without the barrier your complexion will be vulnerable to the weather and environmental toxins. When it’s broken you’ll have thin, red, inflamed skin. But when it’s built up, you’ll look refreshed and radiant. The barrier is made up of lipids that help seal the moisture into your skin. By using oils you will add lipids that cement this protective wall.
  • They come without preservatives or parabens
    A pure, cold-pressed oil blend doesn’t even need preservatives because oils can preserve themselves. You just have to ensure that the oil doesn’t come in a plastic or transparent bottles. The best oils come in those black, French violet-glass containers that help extend the life of your blend. You can even try Sisley’s L’huile Precieuse a La Rose NoirThe best oils come in those black, French violet-glass containers that help extend the life of your blend, like Sisley’s L’huile precieuse a la Rose Noir .
  • They are packed with antioxidants
    Rosehip oil contains massive amounts of natural vitamin A and C, olive and argan oils contain vitamin E, tamanu oil is also packed with vitamins A and E. And these are all in their natural forms. So, not only do oils also help in barrier building, they also reduce free radical damage from stress and environmental toxins.
  • They reduce inflammation
    If you have red, angry skin, don’t make it more reactive with an acid or retinol. Because of their barrier building capabilities and high antioxidant content, oils reduce inflammation. Over time, cleansing and moisturising with oils will heal your skin. And if you feel like the oil is building up on your skin, use a face wash once a week and an acid peel pad twice a week.