How fillers work in a liquid facelift by Dr. Timm Golüke

A chat with Dr. Timm Golüke , dermatologist in Munich. Founder of the German skin care brand Royal Fern and to our opinion a doctor with an eye for aesthetics that leaves enough room for individuality.

Dr. Timm Golüke

We want to know how Hyaluronic* fillers actually work, as they are the mildest form of face intervention when it comes to anti-aging. And is the expression anti-aging still important in times where diversity and age became finally relevant in the way we look at beauty?

IRMA: Can you explain the most important benefits of Hyaluronic acid in skin care?
TIMM GOLÜKE: Hyaluronic acid in skincare is a moisture keeper of our skin, attracting water and plumping the Skin. It is a study proven injectable, has gold standard ingredient and a low allergy risk.

IRMA: Today there are many different Hyaluron components, what are the individual benefits?
TIMM GOLÜKE: Different types of hyaluronic acids are designed for different areas and treatment options. They are different in molecule size, in effectiveness. Some are with lidocaine, is a local anaesthetic to reduce pain during the treatment. and some without. So, there is not one hyaluronic acid for every aesthetic situation. It varies individually for each patient.

IRMA: How often can you use Hyaluronic injectables?
TIMM GOLÜKE: In average every 6 months, but also depending on type of acid and injection site. Do not use different types above each other, wait until your first injection is completely dissolved.


IRMA: How come that some Hyaluronic fillers seem to stay longer?
TIMM GOLÜKE: Some have different molecules sizes and some of them are crossed linked (like Restylane),

IRMA: How does Restylane differentiate from other Hyaluronic filler and why do you prefer working with Restylane?
TIMM GOLÜKE: “Never change winning team“. I am using Restylane since more than 14 years, I am used to the material, I know the potentials and also the risks, study proven, Made in Europe, all very important aspects.

IRMA: Can you model a face with hyaluronic fillers? If so, how does it work.
TIMM GOLÜKE: Of course, you can, it is called the liquid face lift. Although I do not like the term liquid facelift so much because a face lift is of course showing much more dramatic changes. Not everyone wants to have a drastic change but wants to achieve freshness & a refined look of their own features without losing their personal expression. Fillers can do that. They give you a healthy natural good and happy look.

IRMA: I like your definition of “happy look” in that context. Is that because your face looks fuller?
TIMM GOLÜKE: Happy Look, more rested, elevated corners of the mouth, eye shadows and fine lines less visible. You don’t look different but rested, relaxed, healthy and naturally happy.


IRMA: What do you personally think of the tendency that beauty becomes more and more diverse and a sophisticated woman of age can become an icon, with or without winkles?
TIMM GOLÜKE: There have been always beautiful women with wrinkles, look at Veruschka, Lauren Hutton etc. Looking beautiful does not only consists of being wrinkle free, it is about looking authentic and happy and at ease with yourself.


IRMA: Regarding a facial correction, can you give us an example?
TIMM GOLÜKE: For the jawline and cheekbones, Hyaluronic acid is the perfect helper. Injected in your cheekbones it can lift your jawline. Also injected on your lower cheeks and near your ear and can stabilize your jawline.


IRMA: The jawline or cheekbones are most times the first features to loosen strength, what else as a minor dermatological treatment is advisable to solve that problem?
TIMM GOLÜKE: In general face analysis, I always ask my patients first „ What is it what you would like to improve “, beauty is highly individual, so a professional doctor should never propose immediately what he thinks needs to be improved.  You speak to the patient, watch and analyse the mimic, discus different options and then propose the right treatment to achieve a successful result.


IRMA: What are the biggest misconceptions about Derma Fillers?
TIMM GOLÜKE: I think that a lot of patients are worried that you always see when a filler has been used. In most cases people do not see if something has been done, including the lips, if done well.

Beauty is not only about fixing; it is also about looking happy and fulfilled … and of course, frown lines which are the domain of Botox.

Hyaluronic Acid is by far the safest filler, it has a very low risk of allergies. And if you don’t like the result you can dissolve it with a special enzyme, the hyaluronidase.


IRMA: Are there other medical benefits you can achieve with Hyaluron?
TIMM GOLÜKE: It is used in a different form as fillers for aesthetic medicine, in orthopaedics for joint problems, for scars, for irregularities after liposuction on the body and in combination with PRP for stretch marks and Cellulitis.

Dr. Timm Golüke and Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld

* Hyaluronic:



Caveat: This interview is purely informational. I am going to refrain from giving any specific medical advice in this article because I am not a trained professional. If you want to know more, please seek advice from a medical professional.