Lily and Hopie Stockman of Block Shop Textiles created a business with a social mind

Block Shop is a textile and design studio based in downtown Los Angeles and Jaipur, founded by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman, who both studies at Harvard before finding their true passion, designing Block Prints.

Lily as a visual artist, who studied painting and Hopie came to Harvard Business School after five years of investment consulting. Their concept is built on a 350-year-old Indian hand block printing tradition. They work with different families of printers and weavers in Rajasthan whose lineage of craftsmanship stretches back five generations.

Mostly they are using large blocks which results in abstract geometric, self-contained compositions. You can find their prints on paper, material, and greeting cards and their design seem to fit perfectly in our times and design ethic of the moment.

Five percent of their annual profit goes to the Bagru Women`s empowerment program. Pure bliss or a clever business idea?


Lily Stockman in Jaipur discussing designs with an employer of a printing company.


The former visual art student of Harvard university at work in her studio in downtown LA .


Jaipur, it is all about colours.


A printed scarf by Block Shop Textiles .


Tools of the trade at the Los Angeles Downtown textile factory.


Lily Stockman at work.


Tablecloth by Block Print textiles.