How does a French aperitif inspire you to wear a silk scarf?

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How does a French aperitif inspire you to wear a silk scarf?

That was the question asked and the task given to 12 students of the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design in Düsseldorf when they were challenged to design a silk scarf for the French wine-based aperitif Lillet this summer.

A dream project came true for winners Jana Gronau and Antonia Sell, the winners of this competition. IRMA also had a lot of fun when she had the opportunity to style her cocktail dress. The design was inspired by one of her favourite flavours — fresh strawberries, which give a perfect twist to the deliciously cold wine-based aperitif when mixed with tonic water, some fresh mint and a slice of cucumber.

Find the recipe here and serve it at your next cocktail party:

5 cl Lillet Blanc
10 cl tonic water
ice cubes
one slice of freshly cut cucumber
one strawberry
mint leaf

Put 5cl Lillet Blanc in a wine glass with some ice cubes, add about 10 cl of tonic water and stir slightly. Add the freshly cut slice of cucumber and one ripe and sweet strawberry. A fresh mint leaf adds the finishing touch.

You can be the lucky winner of this decorative silk scarf or order it at The lightweight scarf is perfect to take along in your bag wherever you are; when travelling, going for a walk or heading to a cocktail bar with friends at night.

IRMA found five favourite ways of making this scarf useful in different ways.

•    Take the scarf with you to work, and when friends spontaneously ask you to go for a drink right after work, you have this pretty scarf at hand. You can wear it on top of a T-shirt like a corsage or with a long skirt on bare skin.

•    The scarf is big enough to be worn like a poncho. Buy two and either knot or sew them together. This is a perfect idea when travelling.

•    Use the scarf as a unique interior design element by framing it like a piece of art, or using it like a curtain or voile for your window, creating a beautiful soft light.

•    You can also use it as a tablecloth when inviting your friends over for drinks at home. It is a perfect memory of a great summer.

•    Wear it as a long skirt knotted on the side over your favourite flared pair of jeans.

This post was made possible with the kind support of Lillet.