The new beauty boutique

The beauty boutique is becoming small and elegant again. We love to go there for a personal consultation about our beauty matters or just to indulge in the latest colours and pretty little things. IRMA has selected her favorites:

Boutique Chanel Beauté
At Chanel’s very own and first beauty boutique in Germany you get an overview of their entire make-up and scent selection. Always in line to an exclusive topic, the professionals are happy to join the shoppers with expert tips and guidance regarding make-up artistry and perfumery. Make an appointment for a more comprehensive and profound consultation.
Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg

Belle Rebelle
At Belle Rebelle not only your nose will explore a variety of selected scents, exceptional flacon shapes will give you a real new insight into the world of perfumery. Ask for those delicious gourmand scents.
Bleibtreustraße 42, 10623 Berlin

Saint Charles Cosmothecary
What started as a classic pharmacy turned into this treasure box. Next to the store brands (which you are able to explore in the spa above the shop) you’ll find labels that suit the highest organic and ethical standards. Vis-à-vis you can visit the original building and if you haven’t had enough, go grab a bite at the Saint Charles Alimentary.
Gumpendorfer Straße 33 1060 Vienna


Acqua di Parma Boutique
This posh boutique at the base of the Spanish Steps offers the full range of Aqua di Parma fragrances and beauty products. Exclusive in-store services include fragrance bottle customization, complimentary hand massages and a traditional Italian shaving for men who will feel like in an old-time barber shop.
Piazza di Spagna, 27, 00187 Rome

Cow Parfymeri
Whatever beauty gem you might treasure at Cow Parfymeri, rest assured that it was well chosen by the owner couple and their exceptional taste which is very well known in Stockholm since 1999.
Mäster Samuelsgatan 9, 111 44 Stockholm

Credo Beauty
You might think “not another natural skin care store,” but this one takes its mission really seriously: among 100 clean-beauty brands they even have very small brands in stock, of course all 100% organic.
9 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

Violet Grey
You’ll find all you need concerning high-end beauty products. But the real draw of this store is an artist-in-residence program, which allows shoppers to experience make-up artists featured on the website, artists who create trends before they hit the red-carpet.
8452 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069