“Fashion shows are a dream and dreams schould be dreamed on”. A chat with Fashion Director Natalie Manchot.

We chat with another creative mind, Fashion director, Natalie Manchot, of MADAME MAGAZINE, whose natural approach towards Fashion and visual language inspires us for the next steps we might take in putting our wardrobe together.



IRMA: How did your personal uniform has changed after the Lock down ?
NATALIE MANCHOT: Not significantly. We have lots of video calls all day. At the moment I love soft caftan dresses or my usual dress code : jeans and tee (with big time wrap cardigans).

IRMA: Does how you dress on a day off differentiate from what you wear at work? 
NATALIE MANCHOT: Yes, it does. Definitely more stain resistant pieces on my days off. Meaning pieces that I can easily wash. Or with a lot of pattern. I have 2 small kids….

Erin Wasson. © MADAME Magazine

IRMA: Do you integrate sportswear and loungewear more into your daily dressing now?
NATALIE MANCHOT: Definitely not

IRMA: What means slow fashion to you now?
NATALIE MANCHOT: Meant the same for me for about 10 years. I never buy fast fashion. I spend money on high quality pieces that I can wear (hopefully) for a lifetime.

IRMA: Does your interior, way of life comes closer to the way you dress?
NATALIE MANCHOT: It does in a way. Vintage meets new. I have a lot of antiques from my grandmother’s. I love the mix.

Valentine Bouquet. © MADAME Magazine

IRMA: You want to surround yourself with more …. ?

IRMA: What is your personal opinion on how to present and show fashion in the future?
NATALIE MANCHOT: Tricky – it would be sad to see the whole fashion ferry Wheel change or disappear completely. But the industry needs to change. The carbon footprint for instance was ridiculous for some brands and people involved. So there needs to be fewer drops, more wardrobes that remain and can be build up, more up and recycling, more b2c commitment.

For the presentations: Fashion shows are a dream and dreams be dreamt on. But maybe a new fresh approach needs to be found.

Natalie Manchot

IRMA : Which values do you appreciate in fashion and interior in the future. 
NATALIE MANCHOT: Sustainability and flexibility

© MADAME Magazine

IRMA: If one sees fashion as an investment what is the way to go in the future?
NATALIE MANCHOT: If customer decisions can be measured and accurately tracked: that would be the most valuable asset that would be worth billions and billions .

IRMA: What makes you dream?
NATALIE MANCHOT: My children of course.