Home Office with all the benefits


It is a troubling time when concerns about our health and that of our fellow human beings force us to adjust our lifestyle. The next few weeks will require drastic measures, social distancing and self-quarantine. But they also ask us to look for new ideas and visions.
Since many of us now have to install a home office, we want to focus on the good and positive.

Most of us are in a similar situation. If you are not working for a big cooperation you will also have to deal with fear and uncertainties regarding your own business and how to go on. Make the most out of it and just think that being in your home is actually a gift.

Do you like what you see? Some of us might be completely disconnected with their own home, as we tend to spend more time in hotels while traveling for work. Take this time and create a surrounding that matches your style and comfort. Start with the colours and then the materials of the objects that are around you. It is your personal ground that needs to fit your state of mind.

Working mainly in my studio these days allows us the time to look at older works and also find time for new ideas and directions.


You might start a new way of looking at your work and getting it done differently. In a corporate office you probably never work from the floor or sitting in the sun. But exactly that position might feel exactly right to get your creative flow going.
Take this chance to see your work from different angles.

Home office also means that you can be your own master of time. Stay organized and structured. But take your breaks as you would in the office. Go for a walk in the sun mid-day while doing a business call. See how it feels and maybe a difficult conversation is easier to manage while being surrounded by birds singing in a green park.

Working on the floor and leaving everything as it is.


Take this opportunity to rather drink water than wine. In these times we need to keep a clear vision, boost our immune system and be prepared for what’s next.
You might not need a coffee break after a stressful meeting but a tisane á la menthe. Also surround yourself with scented candles, fresh flowers and air. See how it feels.
This time might be a great opportunity to test things out to get even better and stronger once you are back at the office.

My sketches for the fashion collaboration with German Fashion Brand Casa Nata.


A part of your work might get cancelled but focus intelligently on this free time to make the best out of it. I am not talking about wardrobe detoxing or getting your tax sheets prepared. It is rather about finding an interesting creative side of your work which helps your business grow.

Working on sketches in my studio which is at the moment quite colourful.


Look for similar businesses or people you can help and team up to prepare a strong come back.
Your business might need improvement. Try to analyse your strength and weaknesses and find new possibilities. Most people are in a similar situation and might also need your help. Exchanging knowledge and talent is now a good idea.

A design for a wood brooch for Casa Nata.


Who said you need to live in solitude. Meet up with your staff for a walk in the park. You will enjoy the fresh air and moving will make you more active and creative.
If you do not want to leave the house take the phone. Don’t stop communicating. Communication is key.

The light and space in my studio not to compare to our office. It is easier to look at work here and see how it fits in with an interior surrounding.


It is all about balance and one day might be worse or better than the other, but keep a positive path and value what you have . Most important, take care of your health and be supportive to others who might be in a more difficult situation. Remember its all about balance.

Enjoy the morning. Have a coffee in an IRMA mug. IRMA Coffee-to-Go always keeps my tea or coffee warm. Or something to put pencils in on my desk.