Free apps for your mental health

We all agree that taking care of one’s mental health becomes more and more popular and today counts to the personal ( mental ) hygiene – not only in times of Pandemic that may let us suffer from solitude, uncertainty and social stress.

Our Editor-at-Large shares her favourite free apps that address taking care of mental health and can be used any time.

It is not a replacement for an effective therapy (like supplements do not replace a healthy diet), BUT they are a fun way to remind us to take care of our mental health and make it as much a priority in our lives like anything else healthy &fun.


I Love Hue

My favorite!
Hue’s mood-soothing, visually-satisfying game based on color theory. Described as “a gentle journey into color and perception,” the app is ideal for getting lost in the tranquil background music and simple yet impactful design.



Sanvello combines cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to help make anxiety and stress a little more manageable. And it also includes a directory where you can find a therapist in your area.


Daylio Journal

Daylio is a micro-diary app that lets you quickly put down your impressions about your day and easily keep track of your mood. Very helpful if you want to follow up with your therapist  and see your personal growth when you are already in therapy.


Aloe Bud

I just opened this app because of that adorable retro 8-bit graphics, and stayed for the simple yet very important daily self-care reminders. If you find yourself forgetting to do things like eat on time, drink water, or even breathe deeply and mindfully then Aloe Bud is for you.


Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

Moodpath wants to provide  guidance for people who struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed. It can be a great, informative resource if you’re beginning your mental health journey.  With daily check-in questions and helpful pointers on how to manage moods and patterns.


Happify: for Stress & Worry

With this app I learned a lot about myself, because it suggests a path based on answers to the app’s questions. Gratitude exercise, meditation and plenty of options and ideas for simply feeling happier.