Six deep skin spring cleanser for extra porcelain skin


You might be thinking about a detox before spring break but if you want to start renewing and detoxing your skin in an easy way, drink lots of water, no coffee and alcohol and follow our tips for each of these cleansers to make them even extra powerful.


The  Caudalie Eau Micellaire Démaquillante cleanser that combines eyes and face and contains natural grape water. You can use it for very sensitive skin. It is without parabens and a  scent of mandarin blossom, lemon leaves and fresh mint.
I use it also as a skin hydrator during the day on top of my tinted moisturizer.


The Cleansing Oil Caudalie L’Huile de Soin Demaquillante
This rich and hydrating cleanse is  made of almond and sunflower oil in combination with hydrating grape seeds to eliminate all kinds of make-up especially waterproof ones.
It is perfect during wintertime when your skin becomes extra dry from radiator heat or cold temperatures .

You can use the Team Dr. Joseph Exfoliating Facial Scrub one or two times a week. It minimizes pores and leave the skin very smooth.
Actually, I leave it on for five minutes before I rub it off first with my fingers and then with a hot, damp cotton cheese linen. The skin feels extra smooths.

The Chanel Demaquillante Yeux Intense has a two-phase formula: A light blue lower phase which is rich in rosewater and cornflower water, to soften and soothe. And a transparent upper phase which is composed of highly purified oils to eliminate all types of makeup, even waterproof – without leaving an oily film on the skin.
When I travel by plane, I use this Demaquillante on cotton balls as an eye mask.


Skin sometimes needs some extra care. The Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing facial Masque detoxify your skin with wheatgerm, Ginko and Cranberry. Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water and finish with  a splash of ice-cold water from a bowl with ice cubes.
I put some rosemary branches into the ice water for an hour before to infuse the water not only with a fresh smell but also to purify the skin.

Cream Cleanser, make-up remover and care in one step: The Grown Alchemist Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser with Olive Leaf, Plantage Extract, Red Seaweed and many more useful plants  Zinc hydrates and firms skin. Use an extra amount around the eyes and if time allows put a hot towel on top of your eyes for five minutes before washing the cleanse off.