Hairdressers are back. But these do-it-yourself tools are a must!

In the future we might learn a little trick from our hairdresser and watch them carefully. Just so that we can help ourselves better when styling our hair at home. Maybe there is no time for an appointment, you are traveling the world again or simply want to try and experience some new styles at home.

IRMA selected the most prestige tools and hair care at the moment. Because the last weeks we realized that the best quality hair and beauty tools are essential for a good at-home-styling.



This pair is a perfect duo, the ghd helios® in Neo – mint hair dryer matches perfectly the ghd gold upbeat Styler, both have all the technology you expect from a top hair salon style.

One multi-talented tool is a straightener. You can of course straighten your hair with it but also create curls or add volume. Hairdresser and ghd Creative Education Leader Stefan Keim, knows: „If you are using the ghd styler for waves, you should always pull the Styler down at an angle after turning to get a loose tip. Also work with little pressure to ensure the Styler glides smoothly through the hair. The temperature control of 185°C allows a softly and long-lasting style.“

The new limited edition ghd gold upbeat Styler in neo-mint works with a dual-zone technology which controls the optimum heat from root to tip and only gets to 185°C because any hotter damages the hair, any cooler temperature compromises the result. With the contoured floating plates, you can glide through your hair quickly for a frizz-free styling.




The cognac tone leather box by Dyson that makes an eye-catcher in your bathroom.

This tool is all you want in one, the new Dyson Airwrap comes in a beautiful leather box with different adaptors for different usage and styles. I start straightening my hair and getting rid of the frizz with the brush tool, which is plugged on to the base and uses only warm to hot air to straighten your hair without damaging it. Once the hair is dry, you can style different structures, curls and waves into your hair style with different curling tools. It’s the quickest way to straighten fizzy, stubborn hair, quicker than any hair stylist could do the job. Just experiment for yourself.

This is not a new bag by Hermès, but the packaging box of the latest Dyson Airwrap that has all the tools you need for different hair structures and styles. Not many skills are needed as the tools work almost by themself.



I find all top hair products by International salons and hair stylists, perfect tools and hair accessories at

I am a huge fan of This online platform has the best selection of new and international products. There I find all the hair care products my hair needs, like for example the Moisture & Control Cleansing Créme by ORIBE. This non-foaming conditioning formula is rich in purifying oils, citrus fruit extracts and refreshing water-mint essence to gently clean strands and energize the scalp while protecting colour, calming frizz and restoring moisture. Followed by one of my favourite Hair masks from Leonor Greyl, which you usually only find in France. This Jasmin scented conditioning mask helps nourish, detangle, regenerate and beautify thin hair.

Products by VIRTUE, are also a great find at Hair turns from dry and damaged to silky soft in as little as 3 minutes with this intensely moisturizing treatment.

And not last to forget is brushing your hair. Not only in times of Corona, make it a habit to brush your hair with a good brush whenever you come back home, it is like washing your hands.

Also found at, handmade Annabelle’s Natural Pastel Brush by Villa D’Assia in an apricot colour. These high-quality, natural bristles smoothen your hair and take off all the dust with its high – quality, natural bristles.

Queen of brushes, handmade Annabelle’s Natural Pastel Brush by Villa D`Assia.