6 good reasons to stay in the Stay-at-Home mode not only for Mother’s Day

If we learned one thing because of the Covid-19 crises, it is that we cherish and appreciate our time much more. Take nothing for granted and  enjoy the slow down.

Some of us have been lucky to stay close to their family in the last weeks and being part of society brings a new responsibility. Taking care of others, being mindful and considerate, supportive and kind. All these values that are really lived, make you and others at the end of the day happy. We have learned a lot and hopefully will stay at our new pace of life.

Here are some ideas to stick to the habits we’ve developed over the past few weeks that actually spread happiness.


1. Go for evening walks and enjoy the sunset. It is the most energetic time of the day. Take that advantage from nature (its for free!) to relax, get energized and prepared for an evening without work, TV or your iPhone.


2. Baskets are the new bags (shop). They are sustainable, come in all forms and sizes and the material feels nice to carry in your hand. Integrate it to your wardrobe or just have all kinds of baskets around in your home, you can fill a basket with a vase and flowers, or you can be creative, paint on it and wrap a scarf or ribbon around. We love to paint on baskets and sketching personally makes me happy. See how art makes you happy and that doesn’t mean that you have to paint. You can also be creative and cook, do embroidery or work in your garden. Art makes you happy and healthy (read our Story).


3. Face Masks are the new accessory (shop). They underline your style, your personality and can be fun to match with your wardrobe. Have a look at our IRMA Face Mask collection. Each of them is a unique, limited edition made out of vintage Hermès or Maison Pierre Frey material.


4. Going to your favourite Café looks different these days. Take-Aways can be fun, but wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy your hot coffee out of a porcelain mug instead of a plastic one? We suggest bringing your own, also for sustainable reasons. (shop)


5. Our latest Fashion collaboration with the German brand casanata.com shows beautiful mousseline caftans, palazzo pants and a matching carré, to wear around your shoulders, or knot to your basket. We also had it framed on a wall, for a decorative piece of art.


6. We might not travel far away this year, but no one can stop you dreaming of your favourite holiday destination. The Travel Poster makes a perfect present, souvenir or picture wall in different formats on our walls.