German Doctor brands

… and here comes skincare with a medical touch by German dermatologists who developed their own beauty brands, today’s best sellers in Asia and world-wide.
Read their thoughts on why German skin care products are in such demand right now.


Fern is like the name ROYAL FERN already reveals the main ingredient of the 11 products, which are not only popular in Europe, but also currently in every shelf of the MUST VISIT Beauty spots , like The Conservatory in New York , Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and Siam Paragon in Bangkok, just to name a few.

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
: Our bestseller product abroad is the Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Aging Serum. Customers and patients all over the world like the texture and like the immediate glow you receive after applying the product.

IRMA: To your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: G-Beauty is so popular because German skincare products are trustful so everything we claim is true. We only use highest quality ingredients, our products are cruelty-free, mineral oil and paraben-free, have been tested allergologically and dermatologically and last but not least are produced in Germany and hand-filled in Bavaria.

IRMA: What is your advised beauty routine using your products on a daily bases?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: Do not overtreat your skin, this is why our skincare is an all-in-one simplicity skincare line so you should never forget to wash your face as we all know urban pollution is as bad for our skin as UV-radiation is.


She’s Hollywood’s darling and celebrity favourite of the moment: DR. BARBARA STURM – Because everyone wants her “Molecular Cosmetics” to get that glow, looking like as if you were running down the green hills around lake Tegernsee.

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
DR.BARBARA STURM: It varies, but often it is the Hyaluronic Serum or my Super Anti-Aging Serum.

IRMA: In your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
DR.BARBARA STURM: I think German products are popular because German product companies say they are popular.  I believe consumers are looking, for the first time, at the actual skin results products help them achieve and not at the marketing slogans. You put a formulated set of ingredients on your face, not a country.

IRMA: What is your advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
DR.BARBARA STURM: On a daily basis I always recommend washing your face with the foam cleanser, then to apply the Hyaluronic Serum and lastly your face cream. This routine is suitable for morning and night but for an extra boost against fine lines and inflammation before sleep you can switch out the Hyaluronic Serum with our Super Anti-Aging Serum. Twice a week, cleansing should be accomplished by my Enzyme Cleanser, and exfoliation with the Face Scrub. I also try to make sure to apply the Anti-Pollution Drops when I am in any urban area, Sun Drops in the sun, and Glow Drops either to enhance or replace makeup.  Finally, the Face Mask can be used as often as you have the 15 minutes to repair, calm, hydrate, and improve the skin matrix.



It all started with wheat. Today DR. GRANDEL has its own research, own production and is especially known for highly effective ampoules.

IRMA:  Which products are your best sellers abroad?
ANGELIKA PUDELLEK: Active Concentrate Ampoules e.g. Hyaluron Ampoule or Retinol Ampoule, Hydro Active (Hyaluron) e.g. Hyaluron Refill Cream and Beautygen (Snow Algae Extract) e.g. Renew Neck Cream are the best sellers.

IRMA:  Why are German products so popular?
ANGELIKA PUDELLEK: Beauty made in Germany is hip. The hype around K-Beauty is currently leading to a trend change, probably with Hollywood as the beginning. Actresses, as well as music and fashion stars trust in high quality, innovative and active-ingredient-rich formulations of German Beauty Labels. The beauty care recommendations of these celebrities have been established nearly worldwide and thus created a broad fanbase for G-Beauty. In my opinion “made in Germany” is a statement regarding quality, since textures of creams, serums etc. have to be produced according to the strict EU guidelines. Particularly the so called “Doctor Brands” are subject of increasing popularity, also in terms of sustainability.
The professional approach and scientific methods guarantee beauty products that stand for optimized nature made in Germany. This provides the feeling of always having chosen the best for the skin and its individual needs. Because we are in love with perfection.

IRMA: What is the Dr. Grandel advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
Step 1: Creamy, fresh or smooth – cleanse with a formula of your choice, to prepare the skin optimally for high-quality skin care products.

Step 2: Toning refines and equips the skin for the following care.

Step 3: Its up to you – whether ampoule, serum or mask – choose the maximum of active ingredients for a perfectly skin appearance that is immediately noticeable

Step 4: According to your skin type apply a 24-hour care, respectively day or night care