It’s time to shine. New Metallic Wallpapers by Farrow & Ball

As we are becoming more and more used to mix colours and textures, we are ready to dare combining metallics to our interior this summer and Farrow & Ball just launched nine of its signature style wallpapers in metallic, striking designs, like sumptuous damasks, graphic geometrics and delicate orals.

Their names stand for their looks: Lotus, Tessella, Gable, Enigma, Tourbillon, Bamboo, Ringwold, Amime and Yukutori are the new shining stars in the Metallic Wallpaper collection.


Let IRMA tell you
how you can create luxury highlights in shimmering silvers,
burnished coppers and opulent golds

Yes, wallpapers have the most impact when shown on a larger scale, but there are some patterns that are ideal to use also on furniture to recreate a favourite interior object and make it look stunning again.
Have in mind the larger the object, the better the impression of the wallpaper.

We used a Biedermeier commode from the Napoleonic area and the Enigma wallpaper in gold on yellow.


If you are not sure about wallpaper for an entire room start with just one wall. Make  sure that you use a wall that stands out by perfect lightening, height. Use the wall facing the entrance of a room is always a good starting point.

Use wallpaper only on the door to make an accent and use the background colour of your wallpaper for the walls around the door. Like this you can play with the pattern on a smaller scale
Use a different form and scale and do cut outs to paste on painted walls, like for example as a window frame. It’s all about matching colour and shape.

And use wallpaper on your ceiling. It has a different impact to your room and metallics are perfect to reflect light and even give the impression of a higher ceiling.
Use the new Farrow & Ball wallpaper in a room to reflect a light coming into a smaller window. You will get the impression of a larger size room.


And this is the look of the Biedermeier commode from the Napoleonic area and the Enigma wallpaper in gold on yellow:

All Farrow & Ball wallpapers are handcrafted by expert craftspeople, who use traditional printing methods, layering richly pigmented paints to create uniquely textured paper protected with a wipeable glaze.


This article is a promoted collaboration with Farrow & Ball.