G-BEAUTY. German Beauty Brands are in high demand

German Beauty products, also named G-Beauty, are trending right now and after J-and-K beauty, customers know that only the most efficient skin care science and pure ingredients in a most effective formula will treat their skin effectively, made in Germany.

We selected the most important players and asked them for their best skin care advise so you know how to use their products most effectively.


100% natural are all AMBUJA products which are only available in small quantities. After all, everything is pure handwork made in Germany. The founder Frank Legart and Ina Dimsky – Legart have developed several patents and are constantly in research for new effective ingredients.

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
INA DIMSKY- LEGART: In terms of global sales and international favourites, it is pretty challenging to highlight the one and only. Since depending on region and locals shopping G-Beauty, ambuja does have more than one best-selling product indeed, namely nude foam, ambuja’s de-pollution cleansing magnet as well as dewdrop elixir, the super-hydration infusion, and charisma elixir, the antioxidant glow booster.

IRMA: In your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
INA DIMSKY- LEGART: Skincare handmade in Germany like ambuja, is so popular because of the scientific and clean beauty approach. It is not only a promise but the truth. It is about quality and ingredient integrity.

We do have a lot of control over our ingredients having a farm-based, organic approach when creating ambuja. We have had a long R&D time to build out our biodynamic farm, lab and sustainable manufacturing process environment. We personally know where our bioactives come from.

We do not only offer the basic staff of clean, organic formulations that have been created by our own think-tank lab but also new science and patented tech. When launching ambuja in 2012, at that time it was already über-packed with 100% certified organic, clinically proven superactives that matter and make a real difference – like using life-changing superfoods that later became hot nutritional trends, healing adapto-genes™ and our patented Superfluid™. We really deliver highly effective 100% green cosmetics.

IRMA: What is the ambuja-advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
INA DIMSKY- LEGART: The holistic ambuja journey, definitely starts when prepping your face with nude foam – to be well-protected against all environmental pollutants and aggressors. After cleansing take a spritz of zeitgeist splash, the aqua booster to prime skin. Then apply dewdrop elixir keeping your skin plump and uber-hydrated 24/7. Blend it with charisma elixir to provide an extra dose of deep hydration, urban pollution shield and relaxation. charisma elixir can be re-applied around the delicate eye area am/pm to promote vibrancy and tonicity. It is a real digital detox fluidum.Then follow with capsule cream and overnight eye cream to boost results.

BTW, dewdrop elixir is a must-have for every tote. And what is more, apply as an ice-cooled mask at night or before going out.


It all started with the famous Hy oil. Today, BABOR is managed in the 3rd generation and, thanks to its own research laboratories, cooperation with renowned universities and interdisciplinary teams, continues to produce continuous innovations

Did you know that Dr. Michael Babor was the first of the G Beauty Doctors brands? He invented already in 1956 an ampoule with highly natural ingredients combined to the German skincare science. Known for his perfectly dosage of pure ingredients he developed the method of Ampoule beauty which he still stands for today.

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
JUSTINE GAETCKE: The Collagen Booster Ampoule is our best seller abroad and represents key elements of G-beauty. Ampoules are a true German masterpiece. These 2ml vials contain the exact single dosage of innovative ingredients that deliver immediate results. Think maximum results with minimum steps.

IRMA: In your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
JUSTINE GAETCKE: German beauty is all about craftmanship, science, performance, and quality. Additionally, and in true German form, G-Beauty is about trustworthiness. We never promise too much. This has become important in a world that is moving extremely fast and that has online and offline “shelves” filled with thousands of beauty products. With G-beauty you know that you get exceptional quality.  Knowing this offers guidance and direction. For once, in world full of choices your beauty choice is easy.

IRMA: What is the Babor advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
Step 1: HY OIL bi phase cleanser. This unique beauty ritual is the start of your beauty routine.
Step 2: Pop open your favourite ampoule – they are designed give your skin a kickstart within seconds.
Step 3: apply eye cream and cream. Your aesthetician can recommend the one perfect for you after a skin consultation in a salon.


Founder and owner Gerhard KLAPP is considered a pioneer in the beauty industry. His innovative products are now available in more than 35.000 cosmetic institutes worldwide.

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
GERHARD KLAPP: We are distributing our products in over 60 countries. Every country is different and the people have different favours. The people in South Korea for example are loving our ampoules with the high concentrated ingredients. But all over the world the people are loving our famous A-Classic line.

IRMA: In your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
GERHARD KLAPP: Germany is famous for the high quality of their products. Look at the cars, machines or inventions which come from Germany.  They are world famous.
Now people realise, that our cosmetic is better than Japanese or French cosmetics.

IRMA: What is the Klapp advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
GERHARD KLAPP: The most important thing is, to start as early as you can with skin care. It is easier to prevent wrinkles than reducing them. It is also important to use not just a good cream. It all starts with a good cleansing, then you use a serum to fulfil your skin needs. Finally, you use the cream. We also recommend, using ampoules and concentrates from time to time and visiting a good beautician for treatments.


True Beauty made simple is the motto of MUTI. That’s why every line consists of only a few products and all oft hem are without parabens, silicones, mineral oils and paraffins

IRMA: Which product is your best seller abroad?
LAURA STEFFAN: Our second strongest market right after Germany is Denmark. Product-wise, there is not a big difference to our bestsellers in Germany. Our bestsellers are the Day Cream SPF 20, the Anti Aging Serum and the Night Cream Plus.

IRMA: In your opinion why are German products so popular at the moment?
LAURA STEFFAN: We think the label “made in Germany” stands for quality over quantity and the result of thought-through work, which creates trustworthiness for customers. German skincare is often associated with being efficient but non-toxic, a clean and simple approach that works after the premise „less is more”, in packaging as well as formula, which is exactly what MUTI is.

IRMA: What is the MUTI advised beauty routine using your products on a daily basis?
LAURA STEFFAN aims to take the complexity out of the skincare routine and therefor life.
In modern times with hectic workdays we do not want to pack more factors in our day rather than simplifying it by using less products that actually work. We call our products skincare essentials that simplify the daily routine, or put differently: skincare minimalism.
We advise our customers to choose their essentials from two day and two night creams and adding a serum according to skin concern (creating a new, less complex routine).
Our hashtag #mutisimplicity represents our philosophy that goes way beyond skincare and, speaking spatially, the bathroom. We celebrate simplicity as lifestyle.