New season, new beauty


We handle our beauty products just as our favorite fashion goods. We change wardrobes every season. That does not mean that we throw away everything but we take good care with the storage of favorite items we still want to use next autumn and we get rid of expired skin care products that are no longer good. The change of a season is made for the new, the reordering and good consideration of what to keep and what to get rid of.

We cannot wait to put our winter clothes into storage and revive our favorite summer dress from last year. The feeling is almost like getting a new dress… new only we might match it with a pair of new sandals or because colour and cut will always perfectly fit.

It is similar with our favorite lipstick, skin and hair care, just like a colour fits us better in winter when our skin complexion is slightly different, we are looking forward to a new favorite tone which shouts, Ahhhh, she already has the perfect summer glow!!

Skin, body and hair care also have different requirements for each season. I like to use more facial oils even during the day in the winter months and my hair and body need even extra care. First hydration, then oil and at least every second night a special face mask. In spring skin needs even more hydration, and on top a facial and body scrub more than once a week is perfect and a light, moisturizing, tinted daycare is just enough.

Look at what you’ve got and which products, make-up colours and trends inspire you for a new look this season or just even a healthier glow, finer pores and silky hair.

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