Friendly Hunting – when you are dressed surrounded by good energy

Putting on a handmade Friendly-Hunting cashmere cape when the night gets chilly feels comfortable, almost as if someone wraps his arms around you. The cape I am talking about is made in Nepal, handmade, human, animal and eco-friendly embroidered or stitched by someone who loves what he/she does as this person is privileged to have a comfortable lifestyle in his home country. Taken care of their children, daily life and wellbeing and this is what you get in return once you have bought a cashmere scarf, cape or jumper, a harem style silk pant or a loose caftan dress handprinted silk in bright colours, just to name my favourite pieces of Friendly-Hunting collection with all their signature prints.

Ring, Saint Laurent; Pattern blouse, Friendly Hunting


We took some favourite pieces with us for traveling throughout Portugal, a country where you have different climate zones with in short distances.

⁨Grândola⁩, ⁨Setubal⁩, Portugal

At the west-coast it can get chilly even in August, where closer to the Spanish boarder it is very hot and heading up north to Porto can bring humidity and rain. The more important are cloths that underline the beauty of nature this country has to offer.

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina⁩ Aljezur⁩, Portugal⁩


Silk Trouser and blouse by Friendly Hunting. Pensao Agricola, Portugal


Lagoa, Portugal

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Thank you for keeping us warm when it gets chilly @friendlyhunting