Beauty essence from nature that keep the good vibes after your holidays

Jasmin Khezri in a Hermès suede dress

We all know this feeling when you come back from your holidays. Your skin glows with a golden tan, your feet are soft and silky by endless beach walks and your entire body feels slender and toned from swimming in the sea and lots of fruits and healthy foods in between.

Bare skin, sun, wind and the good energy from the sea make a perfect base for your beauty regime after the holidays.

Keep up this good energy and use products, infused by natural ingredients that prolong that summer feeling.


After a holiday your body is most probably detoxed in a natural and harmonious way. I am not talking about juice cures or F.X. Mayer regimes but rather the relaxed way your body is active and rests when you are holidaying with sufficient sleep a healthy lifestyle and food that feels right in summer (lets skip all the chilled rosés 😉). Extend this feeling from inside by the MOUTH OIL CURE DETOXIFYING by OLIVEDA, which is a natural cleanser for your tongue and teeth and helps your body to detox, your teeth get naturally more white and your lipomethabolisme gets a natural boost, use in the morning before brushing your teeth.

You can top up this cure with a I01 Orac & Camu Camu Olive TREE CONCENTRATE by OLIVEDA, a couple of drops daily into your juice or muesli keeps your vitamin C level on top as Camu Camu is the richest fruit with vitamin C and the green olive leaf is a perfect cell elixir.

To keep your glowing skin, we suggest 3 drops of OLIVEDA´S MIDNIGHT FACE ELEXIR, HYDROXYTYROSOL CORRECTIVE, F65. With a patent in combining Hyaluron together with oil. This serum gives your skin a perfect buffer during the night while Bergamotte and Neroli relaxes your mind.



Your body cannot get more toned than after a summer vacation. If you are not in good shape by now, forget about it. To keep and treat your tights, stomach and arms use the BIRKEN CELLULTE OIL by WELEDA, on your still damp skin after your morning shower, like this the oil is better absorbed into your skin and prolongs your tan at the same time.


Mornings are best to begin with the PHYTOACTIV ILLUMINATING AMPOULES by Dr. Timm Golücke’s skin care series ROYAL FERN.

These Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative Ampoules, which, by the way gets you in the mood for your morning run through the park are filled with highly concentrated antioxidants to protect skin from environmental aggressors and urban pollution.

The plant-based, superfood for your skin active ingredients reduce skin damage from free radicals. Perfect to use after a summer holiday and practical to travel with (take an ampoule for each travel day)



Not only by swimming in the sea, taking endless showers and being in the Ocean shore for long during the day. When you come back home keep your water intake up, by drinking enough water and adding water and moisturizer as much as you can to your skin.

We love the natural boost by Iceland´s BIOEFFECT MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER, to prep your skin with geologically filtered Icelandic water for the day or to take off traces of pollution at night .

Another super nordic hydrater is the BIOEFFECT  OSA WATER MIST, perfect for inbetween on top of your make up which is like a walk through the woods after a summer rain.