Fresh Pressed — 6 tips for healthier, firmer and more glowing skin

Clinique’s Fresh Pressed series will give you that glowing look on your special day.

The wedding season is to be opened soon. And whether you are a guest, the bride or a bridesmaid, you all have one thing in common: You want to look great, from head to toe, but you don’t have the time for an Ayurvedic pansha karma cure. IRMA has come across Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with pure Vitamin C 10% which will have a similar effect.

Read her tips on this easy and quick cure for your skin for the bride-bright look, and why Vitamin C in general is one of the best antioxidants.

1. Why Vitamin C? We all love orange juice for breakfast, fully packed with Vitamin C. Such a dose might have prevented us from colds in the past. It not only does good to your health, it also has a great effect on your skin while pushing the metabolism and creating messengers that help your skin tissue to build up connective tissue and collagen for firmer, brighter skin.

2. Why fresh? As Vitamin C oxidizes with oxygen, you should enjoy your juice freshly pressed. That’s why you should treat your skin with Clinique’s Booster 7 days in a row, when once activated and Vitamin C is mixed into the miracle de-age emulsion. Otherwise the Vitamin C loses its effect. And be aware whether your smoothie shop really makes freshly pressed juice or stores the juice in a can .

3. 2in1 tip: As we all have a lot on our plate, IRMA loves the 2in1 effect: cream and treat. Because you either pimp your cream with one drop each in the morning and evening or make an overnight treatment with two drops. But if you feel that your skin needs a decent pure push, put the Booster directly onto skin. Especially on THAT day.

4. Skin-cure: If you have four or more weeks to go until your big day, this is absolutely perfect. Because the booster comes in a package of four. So you’ll have time to let all the ingredients do their work, like Grapefruit and Mulberry Root Extract as antioxidants which prevent pigmentation and extracts of Algae against irritation. Do you have less then four weeks or are you more the short-term type of person? That leads directly to point 5.

5. Cure-to-go: If you need the bride-bright look within a week, there is a special set which adds up with tiny sachets of Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C.

6. Cure-to-travel: Also this cleanser is perfect for travelling and business trips, because it fits perfectly well into your hand luggage and won’t take space in your liquid-bag.