Garmin fēnix 5S Smart Watch, my new personal assistant

Until now, Garmin is mostly known for navigating us through unknown territories. IRMA found 5 reasons why this fēnix 5S smart watch from Garmin has what it takes to help you in the urban jungle. Read on to find out how this watch might change your lifestyle and might be you next personal assistant.

Let’s start with something that matters to us women:

1. Style. The fēnix 5S is very small for a smart watch. The new QuickFit band design allows easy swap-out to match your personal style because there are various colour and material options, like leather, metal and silicone bands to choose from. Of course, nobody stores five bands, but maybe two. One for chic- and business-like occasions and one with a casual charm. IRMA thinks that fēnix 5S in white with a white silicone band is suitable for every occasion – elegant and yet effortlessly dressed.

2. Who wouldn’t go for a personal trainer & health coach? The fēnix 5S is packed with new technology to check your heart rate 24/7. Combined with other new functions for your fitness it gives you advice on your training status, on your efficiency in training and even on how long you should take a rest until your next workout. Because when you keep pushing yourself too hard, during workout or with too many workouts, your cardiovascular system gets overstrained which isn’t good for your health at all, knows certified sports scientist Christian Hanschitz. All those functions work with all indoor- and outdoor activities you can think of, even surfing and all other fun activities, both on- and off shore.

3. Of course, you have the possibility to personalize your watch with all kind of (fun) apps. IRMA likes the Snack Time app: You can only have a snack when you’ve reached your step goal! Business before pleasure! The only difference: it isn’t your mom who would throw you an annoyed glance. You might hate it or you might love it: With the LiveTrack feature your loved ones have the chance to track you, where ever you are, whenever.

4. As a personal assistant, the fēnix 5S can give you notifications as messages, e-mails and social media or even phone calls directly connected to your wrist. And in addition, what would a Garmin product be if it couldn’t navigate you back to your car, while you became completely lost on your shopping frenzy…

5. Finally, another valuable feature is the Find My Phone App. The name says it all, no more explanation needed.

With the kind support of Garmin