Highlights from Milan Design Week

JK at the courtyard of CASA DEGLIA ATELLANI and a MARNI limited edition chair from the PLAYLAND Collection.
On the slider: Interior by Fornasetti, objects of desire at Dimore Studio, JK with cat Brad at her Milan apartment stay

Which thoughts come to my mind when summarizing the Salone Del Mobile 2017, where Team IRMA saw so many great ideas and designs? Our eyes were constantly indulged by beauty, new treasurable things and outstanding design. It went so far that after four days of viewing design, I was more than happy to drive through the outskirts of Milan, heading to the airport and seeing objects, building and things untouched by a designer’s hand. Still we were highly impressed by all the talent and oeuvres we saw during this week. Let IRMA give you a short wrap-up on what really caught her eye and mind.

Think faded teal or pistachio green and pale pink and coral. You will see much more of these colors in the future. Whether we went by the Aesop shop that had been designed by Dimore Studio or saw the beautiful installation at Sé Collections furniture house who set up a showcase apartment within Galleria Rossana Orlandi at Via Matteo Bandello 16, these colors are pure therapy for the eye. Everything looks and feels good in their presence.

Ideas to make your windows interesting: Transparent glass chairs at Rossana Orlandi Space and fish painted on glass at the FORNASETTI showroom

Definitely simple and to the point. It is more about the ONE thing that makes our homes beautiful and special or is simply functional and fits precisely with your own personal style. Let it be an exceptional tile, for example one from the entrance room of Dimore Gallery at Via Solferino, where the entire room was covered in tiles, in the middle of the wall a video installation by Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea showing Romy Schneider smoking a cigarette. Or the different-height Aleta chairs by Jaime Hayon for Viccarbe, which comes in handy for people of different height to sit on.

Rossana Orlandi and JK at breakfast after the SURFACE Party. We like the idea of drawing graphic dots on low ceilings.

Did the interior world get more allure? Is there a stronger influence from fashion? If your apartment has no allure, it probably also lacks style. Whether you are a minimalist or love opulence, the allure is necessary and you get that with detail, color and texture, besides your personal choice of objets trouvets and art. Invest in exceptional pieces!

The playground was the theme of the MARNI PLAYLAND Party on Thursday night. Everyone was invited to forget about rules and structures and the guests just had fun playing on the bright colored sand. The limited, handmade edition of the Marni furniture collection could be purchased and the Spazio Marni and it reaffirms the brand’s commitment to children charity, as from the sale of the limited-edition design products which will be given to the Only The Brave Foundation, which supports numerous charitable institutions. This year the donations will benefit Associazione Piccolo Principe, that through its Orso Baloo center hosts children in need aged from 0 till 6 in the district of Milan.

The colour scheme of DIMORE Studio was dominant throughout the entire Salone, left side the showroom in Via Solferino and on the right side the AESOP store in Milan designed by DIMORE STUDIO

There are many hidden treasures in Milan and during Design Week some of the most amazing palaces will open their doors for the most stunning presentations.

These were our favorites:

Villa Necchi at Via Mozart because of the Palazzo’s beautiful garden and pool.
Palazzo Serbelloni on Corso Venezia which had the Jaime Hayon Stone Age Folk exhibition for Caesarstone.
Palazzo Crespi on Corso Venezia where the Comptessa Crespi hosted Atelier Swarovski in her private rooms overviewing her most beautiful Milan garden.
Casa degli Atellani, hosting the @airbnb exhibition by Martina Mondadori

SE by Sé Collection

GO ON A TRIP: An Airbnb experience of Milan
Airbnb is back this year with an installation that takes place inside a historic 15th-century house (home to Leonardo da Vinci while he was painting The Last Supper). Curated by the founder of interior and design magazine Cabana, Martina Mondadori Sartogo, the house featured a series of intimate experiences. One of my favourites was the installation horizonUNPACKED showcase, where different artists were asked to pack the things they could not do without when traveling.

Yes, we hope so, because we had too much fun being entertained by the Milan-based design firm Dimore Studio on Via Solferino. They make rooms alive and give them a plot. Their compositions of living objects are like voyeuristic mood boards and the unusual way they combine materials gives interior design a different aspect.
See also above, HOW DO WE WANT TO LIVE

Wherever we went, we saw the most beautiful flower arrangements and they added life and happiness to every room and space, complemented by the colors of the room, and just make us feel good. The ones we could even take home with us are from Paper Eden, the waterproof, handmade flower creations which we discovered on an amazing installation.